Why I Like Being Left Handed :)

I never thought that being left handed was something bad. I also never thought that I was being discriminated against by the world I live in for using my other hand.

In 2008 I discovered Left Hander’s Day (http://www.lefthandersday.com/) and realized that in every day products, such as scissors, prevent me from achieving my full potential. I live in a world that was not designed for me.

I have noticed over the years that more products are being made to accommodate BOTH handedness like knives and scissors but the most common fix is to just create left handed products.

Some left handed products:

  • Baseball gloves
  • Watches
  • Computer mouse
  • Guitars and other musical instruments
  • Work tools (ie: table saw, chainsaw)
  • Kitchen tools (ie: can opener, peeler)

Stores that sell left handed products:





I love being left handed! It was cool being 1 of 2 or 3 lefties in my class at school. It’s nice to feel unique!

I feel that lefties are highly adaptable and many of us probably don’t realize, especially as we get older, that we’ve adapted so well! What I find interesting is that lefties usually have their own style of doing things. Because no one has taught us how to for example, write, in a way that is suitable for left handed people we come up with out own ways. I tried very hard to imitate how right handers wrote so I write straight across the page, smudging my words as I go. My younger sister though writes with her hand curved over her words so she can read what she is writing which is something right handed people can do (I can’t). We both also maneuver the page so we can see our words better.

I can do some things that right handed people can do. I can play guitar right handed and can use a computer mouse with my right hand.

Left handed people are such a beautiful example of how humans can adapt to their surroundings but also that more needs to be done to ensure that the younger leftie generation has the same opportunity as right handed young people to feel comfortable in the world.

My previous post looked at some of the ways being left handed can “screw you for life.” It’s not all bad though! Here are some positive things about being left handed!

#1. Left handers are more likely to be geniuses! 20% of a MENSA members report being left handed!

#2. A study found that left handed men were, on average, were 15% more likely to be richer than right handed men who attended college, and 25% richer if they graduated!

#3. Research shows that lefties are better at handling large amounts of stimuli which makes them naturally better at playing video games!

#4. Four of the five original designers of Mac computer were left handed!

#5. Lefties makes better artists!

#6.Lefties are better at sports (tennis, boxing, swimming, fencing)!

#7. Lefties are better at 3D perception and thinking!

#8. Lefties are better at multitasking!

#9. Lefties recover from strokes faster!

#10. One of the few items in common use that is actually advantageous for left-handers is the QWERTY keyboard. Over 3000 words in English can be typed with only the left hand on the QWERTY board as opposed to some 300 with the right hand, and overall, 56% of the keystrokes made when touch-typing on a QWERTY board are made with the left hand!

#11. Lefties are more adaptable than righties!

There are also POSITIVE connotations for left handedness!

  • Indigenous peoples of the Andes consider that left-handers possess special spiritual abilities, including magic and healing.
  • In China and Japan, the formula “man left, woman right” (, nán zuǒ, nǚ yòu) expresses the traditional concept that the left is the yang (, yáng) direction and side of the body. The character for “left”, , also depicts a left hand attending to its work. In contrast, the character for “right”, (yòu), depicts a right hand in relation to the mouth, suggesting the act of eating.
  • In Tantric Buddhism, the left hand represents wisdom.
  • In Russian, “levsha” (lefty, lefthander) became a common noun for skilled craftsman.








6 thoughts on “Why I Like Being Left Handed :)

  1. I’m not left handed myself (well, I do some things with my left but not all, including writing) but I am obsessed with handedness. Those are some pretty cool facts!
    I have noticed that I use my left hand more while typing since the main letters are all on that side!

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