Funny Newfoundland Town Names

My Father’s side and my partner and his family are from Newfoundland, Canada. Correction from earlier post: Michael, who was born in the province unlike my Ontario self, tells me that the CORRECT way to pronounce it is New-fund-land. All those people that are walking around saying New-found-land are wrong and just not being corrected! I have always said it right so yay me! It’s also actually called Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

I have never been to Newfoundland. It is on my list of places to go since that is where my family is from. Newfoundland is an amazing place!

Here’s one of the province’s many great tourism ads!

WhenI first say these ads I was like “Whoa! Where in Europe is this! I want to go!” And then I see at the end that it’s in my own country and it’s where my family is from! It’s beautiful!

One more fun thing about Newfoundland and Labrador is that they have their own dog!

An adult and puppy Newfoundland dog.

These dogs are massive! They originally were breed to work with the fisherman so they are great swimmers and have the ability to be trained as water rescue dogs! All in all they are a good family dog but I’m sure grooming them is a nightmare!

Ok, so why I originally wanted to post about Newfoundland was because I’m kind of sad today and Newfoundland has a lot of amusing places! When I was in Nova Scotia last Christmas with Michael’s family one of his presents was wrapped in paper that had all the towns and cities of Newfoundland on it. Some of these names are so strange and/or so hilarious!

Come by Chance (population 247)

Cow Head (population 475)

Cupids (population 761)

Dildo (population 24,671)

Happy Adventure (population 219)

Happy Valley- Goose Bay (population 7, 552)

Heart’s Content (population 375)

Heart’s Delight- Islington (population 704)

Heart’s Desire (population 223)

Lawn (population 672)

Leading Tickles (population 337)

Tilting (population 204)

And those are just the ones that I found amusing. I know some are probably missing from the list because Dildo, Newfoundland was but I already knew about it.

I hope some of those made you giggle! They made me giggle!


27 thoughts on “Funny Newfoundland Town Names

  1. New Foundland is on my list of places to go, Its just so hard to get to cost wise, so I haven’t had a chance yet, but someday I will. From pictures and videos I have seen, its the prettiest province of them all.

    And they have awesome accents. I would live there if I could find a job.

      • I worked with a lady from a small town in New Foundland, I could understand maybe 50% of what she was saying….Her accent stood out in Edmonton.

      • Ha ha I can only imagine the reaction she’d get! It’s strange to think that I have an accent but it’s cool to because I’ve always wanted an accent.

        My family doesn’t have the accent and I don’t think they ever did. My partner’s family has a bit of an accent, or an accent I can understand.

  2. If I could do what I do for a living in St. John’s Newfoundland, I would love to live there. Been to Newfoundland and it’s quite amazing. The people are fantastic, too. Probably the most generous group of Canadians I’ve ever been around.

      • It was fun. I did a few small gigs there and got to meet some amazing folks. The seafood, well, of course it’s amazing. Life moves a little more slowly there but in a good way. Nature is more a part of life and I like that.

      • I could use some slow moving. I’m not a seafood person, I actually want to put it as an allergy on medical forms so no one makes me eat it, but when I’m out east I’ll have a little bit because I know it was caught that day.

  3. Actually, real Newfs don’t pronounce the D at all. 🙂 And the province has TWO dogs: don’t forget Labrador Retrievers! I’m here right now, and just discovered a new cousin at a campsite. That’s what makes this place awesome. We’ll be driving by Cox’s Cove on our way to Woody Point tomorrow. 😀

    • I knew my list of cities/towns/villages/bays/points/harbours was incomplete! Wiki let me down! I’m so jealous you’re there! I want to come!!!!!!

      After I made my name corrections I saw that the “locals” as wiki said don’t pronounce the D. Similar to how we don’t pronounce the second T in Toronto.

      I’ve asked my Grandma to go back and see if my side is related to yours in any way but so far it doesn’t seem like it.

      How could I forget the Labrador Retriever! I feel horrible!

      I hope you’re having a great trip!

  4. Actually, around here, I’ve heard people call it “New-fun-land.” Silent “d,” no “found.”

    Heart’s Delight–Islington is the weirdest to me (other than Dildo, and it’s weird that that place has so many people). It makes me think of university names like University of Texas–El Paso. So I think, the branch of Heart’s Delight in Islington. Then I think, so what are the other Heart’s Delights? Ha.

  5. I’d like it there from the look of the advert, but I know what my wife would say “No chance, it looked f*****g freezing & that was before I saw the ICEBERGS!!!”

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  7. We also have a Come By Chance in Australia!

    It’s always frustrated me I didn’t make it to Newfoundland when I was in Canada, but I guess it gives me an excuse for a return visit one day – especially since your list has inspired me to add “Visit Leading Tickles” to my bucket list. 🙂

    Plus, it would give me the chance to see a Newfoundland dog up-close. That puppy is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I want one!

    As a way to thank you for the great post and much needed giggles, here are a few of the more amusing place names Australia has to offer:

    Banana (QLD)
    Boyland (QLD)
    Burrumbuttock (NSW, this is actually quite close to where I live)
    Chinaman’s Knob (NSW and VIC)
    Cock Wash (SA)
    Delicate Nobby (NSW)
    Eggs and Bacon Bay (TAS)
    Humpty Doo (NT)
    Mount Buggery (VIC)
    Nowhere Else (TAS and SA)
    Ozenkadnok (VIC, which means ‘very fat kangaroo’)
    Rooty Hill (NSW)
    Tittybong (VIC)
    Useless Loop (WA)

  8. Congrats, Prideinmadness. This is a very good endeavour and you’re obviously successful at it. I had forgotten this “inappropriately” named city in NF and I turned to Google to find it. Searched for “weird newfoundland city names” and found your site + my answer. Thank you and keep up the good work, one post at a time 🙂

  9. Being from Newfoundland and not living there for the last 42 years, I loved this post. I am currently writing and one of my books is Madness, Addiction & Love. We have much in common. I visit NFLD bi yearly and will take you along for the joy. Keep up the great works. In gratitude,

  10. When I was in Newfoundland, local people would say when I praised the beauty and incredible people who live there , but you’re not from here . ..
    I simply replied , there’s them that are , and them that wish they were . 😀

    Canadians are missing soo much buy not getting on the boat !

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