Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I have a few ideas for this Renewal Weekly Photo Challenge.


I have to first include myself in the definition of Renewal. I am in a constant state of change and always doing what I can to make sure I become a better and more functional person.

Omen, she also symbolizes Renewal. The picture on the left is her the day Michael and I brought her home from the Toronto Human Society. We loved the fact that she looked really strange but little did we know that it was because she was severely stressed. She’s a very loving cat and it had been traumatizing for her to be locked in cage without the amount of attention she needed. The picture on the right is Omen a few months later, covered in fur and a lot heavier! We loved her to health 🙂

This is my Aloe Vera plant. It doesn’t die! Sometimes it won’t be watered for months and it’s still alive and kicking but comes back full blast when it’s given water! It’s impressive to see such a resilient plant and a useful one too (it’s helped me with burns).


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