Daily Prompt: IMHO

Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

I haven’t really been thinking about anything a lot lately. I think about many things all are fairly dominant in my mind. I did in my 2nd year of university write an op’ed piece on abortion access in Canada which got me an alright mark but a 5/5 for passion!

I can write a little about that I guess.

Savita Halappanavar

Ireland: Savita Halappanavar, 31 years old and 17 weeks pregnant, died after experiencing a miscarriage and septicemia. Savita and her husband requested a termination of the pregnancy, which would have ended the agony she was experiencing,  but they were told by doctors, “This is a Catholic country.” There is now a huge backlash against the Irish government to allow legal abortions to save the life of the mother.

I am lucky that we do not have this issue in Canada. Abortion is legal in Canada. I know where at least two clinics are in Toronto that will provide the service to women (one of them is NOT Planned Parenthood by the way). I will say it again though, I am lucky. Not every major city or every province/territory has access to abortion clinics.

I find is odd that despite the legal nature of abortions in Canada women and couples are still resorting to drastic measures to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. A year ago, a 14 year old girl from Prince Edward Island (PEI) put herself through 2 weeks of horrible self harm in an attempt to terminate her pregnancy. She ingested toxic chemicals, threw herself down stairs, rammed her stomach into tables and got drunk. PEI does not have an abortion clinic or a hospital that provides the service. The girls and women of PEI have to travel to another province to get the service which then costs money (ie: transportation).

Although legal in Canada, abortions are faced with the same moral beliefs as we’ve seen around the world. Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the first doctor to open an abortion clinic in Canada, during an opening of a clinic in Toronto was attacked by man with garden shears.  A Winnipeg abortion provider was shot in his home 15 years ago and has written a memoir on the experience, “They Shoot Doctors Don’t They?” These personal threats and attacks of violence have driven many aspiring doctors to not pursue providing this important aspect of Canadian healthcare! This is leading to a shortage of providers across the country.

Abortion is funded mostly by provincial healthcare, especially if performed in a hospital. This means that every woman who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of the country has access to free abortions. This is still unfortunate because women from the USA who may be looking for abortion and come to Canada will expect to pay over $300 for the procedure (and the prices vary depending how far along in the pregnancy you are). I’m not even including the cost of coming and staying in this country for the procedure.

Overall, if Canada recognizes that abortion is a legal right of a woman then it needs to show it more! As it stands right now I could get illegal drugs easier than I could get a legal abortion. If it is legal then it should not be so difficult to get! If it is legal people should stop discriminating against the women and doctors who chose that path!

File:Map of Canada, abortion access.svg

Abortion funding in Canada

English: A map of abortion access in Canada, by provincial/territorial funding of abortions performed in either hospitals or private clinics, and the number of hospitals or clinics which are providing such services.
  Light Yellow: Fully-funded by provincial government
   Yellow: Partial funding for private clinics
   Grey: No funding for private clinics
   Green: No clinic or hospital providing abortion services in the province or territory

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: IMHO

  1. I used to live in Toronto. I hope the ultra-religious right and evangelicals will not infest your laws on this matter. It would be tragic. We have to suffer the inequities of women’s rights here in the US. This is such backward country when it comes to women’s rights.

    • So far we’re doing alright. Every so often I’ll see pro-life people wandering around and that’s usually when I ask them if they’d adopt my baby….at which point they say no and I walk away feeling I proved my point 😛

  2. I have a pretty strong opinion about how people treat each other. For one to form an opinion is natural and right; to force that opinion on another by way of force is wrong to the highest. There is a lot of this on the internet social scene: if you do not agree with someone, then you are snubbed or abused. Abortion has been debated for nearly a century and has yet to be agreed upon. It seems some folks just cannot understand the rights of others to choose for themselves. When I debated this issue in high school there was three sides: those who favor abortion, those who are against abortion, and those who favored the right to choose. I have always been a pro-choicer, but somehow that position has been merged with pro-abortion. I do not believe that abortion is a good thing, however, I do believe that the freedom to choose is a good thing. In failing to provide access to the service, the systems is choosing for us.

    • Abortion is never desirable but yes, it is worse to not have choice. I become upset when I see pro-life groups trying to spin it as pro-choice is not only pro-abortion but anti-children! Everyone just needs to be concerned about themselves. I can only speak for me, I can’t speak for the millions of women out there!

    • I too have always been pro-choice but people take that to mean abortion should be chosen over other options. Which is not how I feel at all. I just think a woman has the right to a choice, especially in cases of rape, incest, or death/harm to the mother.

  3. This is so often such a touchy subject in America. I wish there was a “third choice”. I am neither pro-life nor pro-abortion in the full aspect of the sides. I believe that abortion should be legal under a lot of circumstances, but I am not so certain I wish to see it as another method of birth control. A woman has rights to her body, I agree. The unborn has some rights, I agree. It’s just that to make it this way or that way seems so limiting to one or the other. It’s confusing and difficult to make a stand. I do not care for extremes. This was to be a fairly solid comment, but I can see it has wavered…just helps me understand even more the difficulty…

    • It is not pro-life and pro-abortion. It’s being able to choose what to do rather than only being given one choice. Abortion is not a form of birth control (there will always be people who use it that way but that should not be the reason millions of women be denied access) and this is why it is important to provide affordable, if not free, birth control for men and women.

      I don’t feel this needs to be as complicated as we all make it. It feels to me that it comes down to people trying to make others do what they want. Although I am not a religious person I was raised in a religion that believed we were given the ability to choose for ourselves so that is what I do and that is what I think we should all do.

      • Well, I agree with that thought on religion. However, where I am, there is little thinking and more rules in religion. I don’t care for that at all. We should be able to choose for ourselves and choosing is not possible if punishment is the answer to a choice, especially when there are really only two choices.

      • That has always been a contradiction that has confused me. I was told that my life was “pre determined” (to an extent) but that I had choice but then would be judged on that….I’ve decided I’ll have a chat with whoever when I die because we have some things to sort out.

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