Daily Prompt: Oasis

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.


My DBT workbook had me think of a place like this and I decided on a forest.

When I was little my family and I went camping a lot. Screw Disneyworld! Let’s go to Sandbanks Provincial Park with it’s massive sand dunes that revive your love of Lake Ontario! Or we can go to Killbear Provincial Park where the raccoon’s can open locked coolers to your amazement! And better yet we can go to my favourite place, Bon Echo Provincial Park .

Bon Echo is located in Cloyne, Ontario (north of Napanee, where Avril Lavigne is from) and has the most amazing rock wall I have ever seen in my life! We would always gets the campsites closest to this rock wall because when the sun was rising or setting it would make the granite rock glow!

Image of Bon Echo

Rock wall at Bon Echo.

We would rent canoes and paddle over to the hiking trail that took you up the rock. I counted the stairs once, it was over 1000.

I would come down here by myself and read by the water on my own little rock and be relaxed.

Pictographs on the rock wall at Bon Echo

I grew up by a forest. When we first moved to Whitby, Ontario in 1995 my whole area was forest. My backyard opened up to a field filled with grass, flowers, prickly bushes and animals. It’s because of this forest that we found our first pet, a black rabbit we named Rebecca. Since 1995 houses have sprouted like weeds but a small section of the original forest is protected and still there.

I have many memories in that forest. I have built forts there, climb trees, swung on homemade swings, rode my bike off dirt jumps, gotten high, gotten drunk, shared secrets and explored in that forest. I don’t know if kids today understand what a special place that forest it.

My forest

Hilary and myself (2009)

Forests are calm, they can be quiet and any sounds you do hear usually add to what I love about them. Forests have helped me forget and reminded me that there can be calm moments in this fast paced world.


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