Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

Write your obituary. 

The Daily Prompt is about answering the questions in order to post at least once a day on your blog. I’m not answering this question but I would like to talk about why I don’t want to.

I accept death. I am fine knowing that one day I will not be apart of this Earth anymore the way that I currently am. I do this having no faith in an afterlife of any sort. The idea of just “sleeping” is fine with me.

I do not want to answer this question because my obituary almost had to be written because I decided I didn’t want to live anymore. I don’t want to imagine what my obituary would say. That’s to real.

That bridge will be crossed when I get there.

….But it would say that I’m awesome 😛


10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

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  3. In loving memory of Pride in Madness,
    Madness scoffed at the thought of death,
    “just like sleep.” All said with pride.
    I’ve face death in this madness.
    I need no words, other than,
    I’m fucking awesome.

    There you go, from me to you 😉

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