Finally! This is for Me!

In reference to my last post.

I got into the Mindfulness Meditation workshop!

I have 9 weeks of 2 hours that is devoted ONLY to me! I don’t check my phone, I sit on a pillow and listen to my breathing and explore how my body feels in a safe place (even if I hate doing it, because I don’t have to like it I just have to try). Even though I’ve only had one class I feel amazing!

As a bonus a discount bookstore that I love is nearby so I can go there after for more peace and calm!

All the meditations we do, the facilitator burns onto a CD so we can practice at home! Words cannot describe how happy I am!

This is the first activity that is solely for me, that takes me out of my house and cuts me off from the outside word, that I’ve engaged in since I took vocal lessons in gr. 12 (2006/2007).

P.S. I will answer comments and read your blog posts. Placement has me so busy! This weekend you’ll hear from me!


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