A Truthful Answering of Cosmos’ Mental Health Day “Quiz”

Inspired by jennydevildoll I want to truthfully answer the questions put forth by Cosmo to determine if you need a mental health day. Please see my post on the horrible discriminatory “quiz” published by Cosmo here if you have not already.

do you need a mental health day

1. To relieve stress, you usually:

Flip out. I find that I’m either happy or sad/angry (not much in between) so dealing with stress can be messy business. I haven’t cut myself in a month and a half and I’m trying very hard to engage in more positive ways to deal with stress such as meditation and the fun things in my self harm safety box.

2. Your morning ritual generally includes:

Checking my phone, putting my clothes on, brushing my teeth, doing my hair, putting on makeup, getting my lunch together, feeding the cats, peeing before I leave the house. Nothing to special.

3. The last time you cried was:

Probably a few days ago. Don’t really remember. I would would rather cry then rage or cut.

4. If you had a personal slogan it would be:

I’m not narcissistic, I’m confident.

5. Through some light Facebook stalking, you find out that your ex is engaged. And look, she’s so young! You immediately:

I don’t Facebook stalk. I have better things to do. Ex’s are ex’s for a reason and I am in a relationship with an older man so I am the young one! Hot stuff!


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