Exploratorium: The Changing Face of Normal

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About a month ago I visited the San Francisco Exploratorium, because they were having an exhibit on Mental Illness, here is some pictures:  The last (main section) of photographs is a section where there were questions on yellow boards and those who saw the exhibit could write a response.  The answers range from profound, to silly, and insensitive or ignorant.  There are a few responses in which the writers about to their own mental illness.  Most the comments appear to be written by teens or children.  I think it gives a good representation, of how people think about mental illness.  For my blind friends and if the pictures are hard to read I have typed the captions underneath each photo.

utica crib

crib 2



On medication:

meds 6

“Do you think people should ever be forces to take medication? If so, when? If not, why not?”

meds 2

“If you’re ever experienced, as I have, what it’s like…

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2 thoughts on “Exploratorium: The Changing Face of Normal

    • I would LOVE to go to this exhibit!

      I’m surprised by the amount of people who wrote fairly positive things. I feel like since no one really talks about mental health (unless you got it, or so it seems) I just assume many people are thinking poorly of the community. Clearly that is not the case!

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