At Least Look At The Picture!

I have had time to write, I just haven’t wanted to.

Nothing to say really.

I ditched a toxic friend yesterday so I feel fantastic. It’s one of those “friends” where you know you should have cut them off years ago but you kept going with it because that’s what you’re used to. Ditching them doesn’t hurt me one bit. Well, I’m annoyed because they believe that they’re right when that is totally not the case but I’m going to let that go.

I’m eventually getting a medication review, just waiting for a phone call.

I’m doing fine on 75 mg of Effexor.

I’ve been doing belly breathing which I learned in meditation. Really fast and easy way to relax and I find myself doing it regardless of what is going on. It’s just nice to feel relaxed.

Here’s a fun picture to end this post right!

tee hee


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