A Sickening Sound

Since day 1 this has bothered me.

The sound of the little balls of chemicals freely moving around inside the Effexor capsule.


It makes me feel a little silly but every time I take them and hear that sound I want to put them back in the bottle and hide them forever.

For reasons that I do not think I can really explain, the sound makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Maybe it’s because I want this to be a quiet process; I don’t want anyone hear that I’m taking a pill…I don’t want to hear that I’m taking a pill.

The sound makes me uncomfortable. I try to move them as little as possible but sound is inevitable.


8 thoughts on “A Sickening Sound

  1. My effexor (actually the generic, venlafaxine) is a tablet. Perhaps you could check with the doc or the pharmacist and see if a tablet is a possibility for you?

    A pill that rattled would bug me too.

  2. Depending on where I fill mine, I sometimes get a tablet, but most in my area seem to only be filling with capsules now, but last year I was on a tablet form, so I know they still exist.

    Maybe you can call around to different pharmacies and see if any have the tablet or can order it in for you.

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