Guide to Stopping Antidepressants

Some of us decide that our time with antidepressants have come to an end. has created a document that can guide you through the process of coming off SSRI’s.

Document includes:

  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • How to Withdraw
  • Treatment of Difficult Withdrawal
  • Pregnancy
  • Enduring Withdrawal

RxISK: Making medicines safer for all of us


7 thoughts on “Guide to Stopping Antidepressants

  1. Thanks Prideinmadness, I’d really like to get off of them myself, but every time I try I crash, so we’ll see- maybe if I can get the grief & trauma therapy I really need, & have a supportive enough program & community in place, then I can work with a therapist to taper off of these things. I’m on Cymbalta, & was on Effexor before that . . .

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