Student Suspended for Taking Away a Razor Blade

“Last Thursday at Bayside Middle School, Adrionna Harris took a razor from the student [who was self harming], threw it away and convinced him what he was doing wasn’t right.

She thought she was doing the right thing, so Friday she told the school administration what happened. The way school officials responded led to a question of if the school’s zero tolerance policy went too far.

Instead of getting praise from the school administration, Adrionna got a 10 day suspension with recommendation for expulsion.” –

The logic being the suspension of this girl is truly not there. I don’t even see how I can make a post out of this because Adrionna was clearly doing the right thing and the school is clearly in the wrong. There is nothing to debate. Adrionna’s suspension was lifted and now her parents are fighting for this stupid suspension to not appear on her record.

I wish more people did what Adrionna did. I think she acted with confidence, bravery and compassion. I would hate for students to be afraid of stepping in when a friend/peer is self harming because they are worried about what the school would think. Self harm doesn’t need any help becoming more secretive and shamed.


16 thoughts on “Student Suspended for Taking Away a Razor Blade

  1. I’m befuddled. What’s the basis for the suspension? That she held a razor blade for less than a minute while she carried it to the garbage? By that logic, I guess the boy should have been suspended too. Derp.

  2. So student helps another student, and school responds with a suspension, what on earth are schools doing and thinking these days? I am glad she got the suspension lifted and hopefully it will be removed from her record entirely.

    Events like this just end up making people not want to help others.

  3. Well, at least the link has an update saying they reversed the suspension. It’s not unusual in the U.S. to read stories of students getting in trouble for pro-active behavior or creativity…They ‘re often more concerned about teaching passive obedience than they are about the well being of the students, or their growth…notice there’s still nothing said as to whether the student cutting is to receive help from anyone other than his peers.

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