Start Again

I wish I had time to start this day over again. It’s only 9:40am and my stress level is already high enough to give me slight chest pains.

One thing personally effects me. The other effects my values.

I’m trying to separate myself from both situations but it’s hard when the strong emotions are immediate.


8 thoughts on “Start Again

  1. you’re a very gutsy woman. i have tremendous admiration for the way you process the ways of your walk. starting again happens a lot.

    my very, very best to you.

  2. Hi Prideinmadness, I can relate- it’s so easy for even small things to get to me as I have too much goin’ on already! It’s often time for me to take a deep breath &/or reach out to someone to express what’s goin’ on with me! I’m glad you shared through your blog & I hope today is better for you than was yesterday!! Sam in Richmond, Virginia, USA/ P.S.- I was just diagnosed yesterday with bipolar after thinking for yrs. that I was “unipolar depressive”, & after being diagnosed as such!

  3. Hi, thanks for askin’, Prideinmadness- this diagnosis makes much more sense to me than does simply “major depression”. It explains a lot more to me so far about my feelings & experiences! Keep on bloggin’; you’ve got a great site . . . Sam

    • So glad it has given you information that you need! I know it can be helpful knowing what’s going on. When I received my BPD diagnosis I also felt that things finally made sense.

      Thank you for your support Sam!

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