Borderline Women Can!

Yesterday I attended an Awards Dinner for program (Early Childhood Education). I was one of four young women who had been nominated by a professor to receive an award for their during field practice.

What is field practice? Field practice means that I was at a childcare centre working directly with staff, children, families and the community. I was recognized for my ability to transfer theory into practice and by excelling in my role as a student early childhood educator.

GBC award

This is the first time I have been academically recognized in this form. I am extremely proud of myself!

This goes beyond academics though. I hope that by winning an award that is linked to directly working with children that others can see that women who experience borderline personality symptoms and/or are labeled with the disorder can be successful with children. Through the stereotype out the window!



8 thoughts on “Borderline Women Can!

  1. Kristen, congratulations! This is absolutely fantastic, and not just because of the borderline aspect — although I of course see your point and think it’s wonderful — but simply because you’re you and you do so many amazing things! πŸ™‚

  2. I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations on the award! But also, I’m thrilled that you are showing the world one step at a time that the stereotype about borderline personality does NOT mean incapable or “bad for” children! You rock!

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