Depression= Inactivity

Over the past few weeks I have become more and more depressed. It’s what I could call the “comfortable and functional” depression where I am able to do everything I need to, I am not overwhelmingly sad (immobile, crying, lost) I am just slow, I’m a sigh. I am dragging my feet through knee deep mud but I am still moving.

This slow and low depression is causing me to not want to much except read. I do want to escape and books are the best way. Clearly, my coping could be worse. That would be why I have been neglecting my blog and yours. The energy isn’t there, the motivation isn’t there.



7 thoughts on “Depression= Inactivity

  1. I hope you feel better.

    I’ve gotten very depressed lately, and all because of my job, and I know if I could eliminate that, the depression would ease.

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