Take 2

Due to everything that I am experiencing in life right now I have dropped my Spring Field Placement course at school. It is the only course I need to complete my Early Childhood Education diploma so by not taking it this spring (and waiting for the fall) I will not graduate in June.

I am confident in my decision. I recognize my need for flexibility which I would not have doing placement full-time and having to meet a certain amount of hours and complete homework. I’m trying to show myself compassion. If I was working I would continue working but school has less flexibility.

I am a straight A student for the first time in my life. I am very proud of myself. This is another reason why I feel taking the Field Placement in the fall is the best decision because I want to be able to focus on the children and my assignments and I cannot do that right now. I need and want to get an A.

It’s also important that I take my own advice. Many of the youth I work with have come to Group, upset at the thought of dropping a course or multiple courses. I explain to them that it may be better to drop the course, take it later and do well then go through with it in their current situation and not do well or fail. This is what I’m telling myself and it’s right.

This is the first course I have dropped. This is the first time emotional/situational problems have effected my life in such a way but there is no shame in that. Not having placement means that I can work in May and also engage in other activities I had to originally dismiss.

I’m excited and feel better about going forward. So in September it will be take 2 for Field Placement.



7 thoughts on “Take 2

  1. Sometimes our mental health steps in and we have to stop and take the time to focus on getting better. It’s a hard think to do but great that you took a stand before matters got worse šŸ™‚

  2. it takes a special person to love working with children and know their limits on life; taking care of yourself is awesome. so often people will tell you what they think is best for you, but you are listening to your priorities. it feels good to know that you CAN do it at your speed! school can be very stressful and taking time off is good so you can really enjoy the process and love what you are doing rather then it being dreadful. congrats on making good decisions and all A’s! you will be such a blessing to all the children you meet.

    • Thank you for the support!

      I just find it unacceptable. If I can’t give the children 100% then I’d rather step back for a bit. Plus, the job I have coming up is with children so I still get to do what I love šŸ™‚

  3. “…then one will succeed in removing the obstacle. This requires the will to persevere just when one apparently must do something that leads away from his goal… An obstacle that lasts only a time is useful for self-development. This is the value of adversity.” šŸ™‚ Good job in allowing yourself to follow your instincts, what you know is ultimately the right thing to do for you.

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