Where’s My Survivor Group?

I don’t like hearing about the support groups for individuals who have been in a relationship with people who experience borderline personality disorder. I do not want to deny anyone support and I will never say that being with a particular disorder/type of person isn’t exhausting or causes it’s damage. There just seems to be unequal emphasis.

I feel like people and myself are taught how to survive ME. What about the people I need to survive? Everything is generally framed in how I can communicate, behave and think better but what about those who hurt me?

I always survived on my own though so I guess it’s no loss not having a survivor group for those who have borderline personality and have experienced various forms of abuse.


4 thoughts on “Where’s My Survivor Group?

  1. It would be excellent if there were more support groups for BPD. I have considered starting one myself in Washington, DC. Things will only change if we, current and former borderlines, take steps to change how the condition is perceived and to demand/create resources for sufferers. We must be the change we want to see in the world. That is part of why I have made my blog about BPD which emphasizes how the condition can be fully recovered from (I am a former borderline who now enjoys his life). But I could do more to help borderlines, and I want to challenge myself to do so.

  2. Hello. I’m Ellie. Sorry for comment butting in on your blog, but I really agree with your points here. I know that BPD comes in many shapes and sizes, but, at least for me, my need to fix things and my all of nothing thinking means I’d try so hard to keep abusive relationships. I think that, at least some people with BPD are way more likely to suffer due to others because of desperation to please, not be alone and intense attachments.

    You are right obviously, people who have suffered abuse through people with BPD, but still, there’s a massive community of people both on and offline that stigmatise the disorder and make us all out to be malicious, manipulative and hurtful, which completely misunderstands the disorder entirely.

    Sorry again for butting in


    • Thank you for sharing your experience!

      I will never say that there are not abusive people who have BPD because there are. I can be abusive but I relate so much to what you said about about needing to fix things and wanting to keep abusive relationships. For me I find it’s heavily wrapped in not wanting to feel pain. While I always end up feeling the pain I keep hoping that if I’m the mean one then it won’t hurt as much.

      Please, butt in as much as you would like 🙂 I would love to hear more from you.

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