Day 2 With No Effexor

My decision to stop taking Effexor cold turkey has been and will continue to be met with mixed reactions. It still comes down to the fact that I cannot reach my doctor in time and I was not doing well enough that waiting for my doctor was a good idea.

So, what is it like for me right now? I’m pretty out of it. I was dizzy this morning but that has turned into feeling spaced out. Coordination isn’t where it normally is and it does take me a few extra seconds to understand what’s being said/asked and for me to get my thoughts together. Also, some heavy metal music came on and I found it so overwhelming I couldn’t focus on turning it off so someone else has to.

Overall I could feel worse but I’m not feeling like my normal self. I do hope this is the worst of it because nothing about this is fun.


17 thoughts on “Day 2 With No Effexor

  1. Hey prideinmadness…how much was your dose and how long have u been taking it? It will get a lot worse. Your body will begin to go into withdrawal. It’s dangerous to go off cold turkey. You may feel what I call body zaps. Feels like an electrical current running through your body. Talk to a pharmacist and consider weening slowly. It is a lot safer.

  2. I hope things go okay for you. I’ve been through coming off it cold turkey before, and its not fun at all. I came off 300mg cold turkey but took about 3 weeks before I felt normal again, so hopefully off of 75mg wont be as bad for you. I hope you feel better.

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