The Daily Post: Unsafe Containers

Which emotion(s) — joy, envy, rage, pity, or something else — do you find to be the hardest to contain?

Rage and self hate (that’s more of a state of mind than emotion but a better term is failing to come to mind). I find it very difficult to contain either of those emotions, experiences and feelings. They slam into me, cut me apart and then leave.

I can of course contain the rage and self hate but I must admit I am out of practice. Over the past couple months it became easier and more desirable to let all the negativity take over my mind and body. I need to get back on track.


10 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Unsafe Containers

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  2. Rage and self hate are my 2 that I have issues controlling and lead to my downfall. My rage is almost always directed at myself so it then results in hating myself, and harming myself in some way. I’ve gotten better at it, but i am still a work in progress. envy is another one that brings me down, doesn’t bother exactly, just brings me down as I wish i could have the job, the house, and stability all my friends have.

    • I’m glad someone can relate!

      I often wonder if other emotions are difficult for me to control but because they make me feel anger I put them into that category (your mention of envy reminded me of that).

      • Its very possible, I know I likely combine emotions that make me feel anger into rage, when possibly its another emotion, but I am not yet to the point of recognizing them all, but I hope to eventually and is something I am working towards, but like everything its long process but hopefully in the end works well.

  3. From a fellow daily post do-er: I completely agree with your feelings on the word ‘sick’. I get annoyed when someone says “OCD sufferer”; who are they to say I’m suffering? How are they qualified to say this? And why are they judging so hard? Why’s my hand curling into a fist? Uh oh…

    Well, I guess they’re free to say it. But I’m also free to reject it completely and utterly. Here’s my entry if you’re interested:

    Pride in Madness! Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks for the support! I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

      I’ve always had an issue with “suffer”. I’d rather be ill then suffer. I guess it’s because I can pick out some positives of my experience which would make me think that I’m not suffering at all, people just expect me to be suffering 😛

      • Completely agree! That’s a decent way to look at it. I guess we’ve got no choice but to redefine some things. Which is OK by me 🙂

        Can’t wait to see more of your writing as well! Keep it up! 😀

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