Better, But Not Good

As the withdrawal symptoms subside I am feeling better. Emotionally, up until today, for now, I have been feeling a tad suicidal and unsafe. After a fun night out and presenting a successful workshop on BPD I do feel better. I do hope that I feel better then better soon because there is nothing fun about sitting around wanting to die. I hope to get my spark back that was taken from me while on Effexor; the part of me that wanted to fight the evil-doers and right the wrongs of the world. My activism greatly decreased while on Effexor. I was too busy being sad and sad is unproductive. As soon as I feel that drive kick back in I have some pictures to share with you all and I’m interested in your feedback πŸ™‚

No matter how long you have #traveled in the wrong #direction, you can always turn around. ~ #Positive #quote


7 thoughts on “Better, But Not Good

  1. Oh my…coming of Effexor. Hope you are dealing well with it. And that withdrawal symptoms are gone by now.
    I’m commenting on your post because I was off Effexor for five days, abruptly taken off the med while I was hospitalized.
    I thought I was going to die, due to withdrawal symptoms.
    And my dosage was 300 mg, which I took constantly for two years!
    The doctor who has taken me so nasty I would say, off the Effexor, either does not know anything about medicine or is totally ignorant.
    I had to get back with the meds, and after two days of Effexor in the system I was finally able to walk. Horrifiing experience, I must say. So, if and when I decide to go off it, I will really have to do it slowly.

    I wish you all the best and strength to pull it through! πŸ˜€

  2. Hope you continue to feel better and better.

    And as for the picture… I met a tourguide who’s motto used to be: “If you don’t know where are you going, you cannot get lost”. And in real life… there’s are no given destinations. It’s about the journey……….

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