My New Skill

Now that I am changing my life I have acquired a new skill. I cook.

Fear (and much more) always kept me away from cooking and while I still prefer to eat food rather than making it, the confidence I have in my ability to make decent tasting/looking food is much higher!


Hot! Jalapeno Poppers ~ great app for #Superbowl parties.

Made these for dinner a few nights ago! SO GOOD!


9 thoughts on “My New Skill

  1. Cooking can be a lot of fun, and very satisfying as you get to enjoy the delicious meal you just put so much time and effort into. I’ve also enjoyed sharing meals I made with friends; seeing them enjoy the food I made adds to the satisfaction. I hope you enjoy developing this new skill. Perhaps we can encourage each other in it! I’d be happy to exchange recipes. 🙂

  2. looks incredibly tasty! Cooking, however arbitrury seems to be such a thing which requires our own time and natural arts which i never had the ability to appreciate with mental illness clogging up.

    • Makes sense!

      For me, I needed the support. When I would make food someone was commenting on how I cut food or something. It just wasn’t fun.

      Gotta start small sometimes. Find what works for you.

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