How Do I Do It?

I can understand how my mind can do what I’m about to explain but I guess it’s more so the why. What is the point?

How do I convince myself that bad things are happening to me?

My partner is out and my thought process is…

“He said he wouldn’t be long but it’s been 5 hours!”

“He doesn’t care about me that why he’s not texting me despite it being late.”

“I’m sitting at home on a Friday doing work and he’s out doing something.”

“I want to get him back for this.”

Nothing is happening….truly… wrong is being done. Seriously. If the occasion was appropriate I would be out with him.

Well, I’m still getting overwhelmed with “fuck this” so I guess I’ll just stop and get back to making my supply order list for work.

But ya, how do I manage to do this? I gain nothing from this!



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