My emotions are giving me serious whiplash.

On Tuesday I left work early because I was overcome with emotion which made focusing difficult and crying a high possibility. This is
despite being super jazzed about being at work.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I started slowing down around 2:30 pm and spent the whole subway ride home after work thinking about how I would tell my partner I wanted to die (which included coming up with a plan for dying). I then slowly told him about it, he obviously got upset, and I felt a little bad. An hour later I was dancing around thinking about how great my life is going.


Maybe my plan of silently suffering is pretty good, less self destructive and more productive in terms of not wasting anyone’s time with half truths.


5 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. Hi, I wanted to contact you about an earlier post regarding Schari Dinoswhore Schreiber, but I couldn’t find the comment link. I’ve made a complaint about her to the California Board of Behavioural Sciences and they are keen to get her stopped. They know all about her and her application to become a therapist was cancelled by them in 2001. She has been masquerading as an “Integrated Recovery” specialist ever since.

    The problem is she is honest about the fact that she is not a licensed therapist on her website, however she is not honest about the reason for it. As such the board have their hands tied because they have no remit to discipline her. They can, however, escalate their concerns if enough people make a complaint about her simultaneously. This way they can prove she is causing significant harm to a significant number of people by providing misleading information that she is not qualified to provide.

    I’ll post the details her of the complaints form and Shari’s cancelled license number is: 26897 so you can process a complaint yourself. Its a simple form and you can do it anonymously if you wish.


    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and spread the word! This bitch must be stopped x

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