Cold turkey withdrawal from psychiatric drugs

I have always quit cold turkey but that was a chance I was willing to take. Please always do what is safe for you, listen to your body and communicate with your supports when coming off psych drugs so they can help.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Why not withdraw rapidly or ‘cold turkey’?
Melanie Davis
REST Project, MIND in Camden

video from CEP

See also: Cold-turkeying off psych drugs is not a wise choice except in a life-threatening emergency

and another video: Alto Strata speaks at the Occupy Psychiatry Protest at the APA conference: psychiatric drug withdrawal

The most important thing to understand about withdrawing psych meds cold-turkey is that it’s potentially quite dangerous. This includes every class of psychiatric drug, too. To be clear: just because you’ve heard of someone that managed to do it without harming themselves (or you are the one who did it successfully) doesn’t mean it’s a generally safe thing for others to do. The risk involved if things go wrong are potentially radically life-changing in the extreme negative so it’s simply not a risk worth taking unless one is faced with a life-threatening side-effect from the drugs. That is the only time that…

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One thought on “Cold turkey withdrawal from psychiatric drugs

  1. Wow, what a trigger this was for me, either that or I woke on the wrong side of the bed!
    I agree, you should go off drugs slowly, but sometimes there is no choice. MY first choice would be to go off slowly, but each time I have been hospitalized, I’ve been taken off all my meds cold turkey, they did not give a rats ass about withdrawal in my case and only one time was it a life threatening situation. Going off Xanax was the worst but Zoloft was a close second. One doctor said I was “imagining withdrawals” as I described. He said, “Zoloft has no withdrawal side effects and I was not on Xanax long enough (6 months) to have side effects” . I beg to differ.
    Now I choose to never take pharms ever again. I am in control now. I hate how I was treated so I’d rather be without and be who I am, manic as I get. Withdrawals are too wretched! It put me back physically several days before I could function somewhat normally. It was a better part od a week before I knew where I was.
    My attitude now is, take me as I am or leave me the eff alone. I will self medicate and or isolate. I hate the power and control games played with these self righteous doctors. Just because we have a MI does not mean we don’t know what is good or bad for us. We need to be educated, not belittled. Give us choices that work for us so we can feel we have a LITTLE bit of control in our lives.
    Sorry I am angered by this post, but not at you, rather at what we are told is good for us, but in the end, we have no choice (if we need hospitalization).
    We (people with MI) are not dummies and when in H, each time, all our choices are taken away. I was screaming in pain and my heart was racing with the pills they did give me, my B/P was alarmingly high. I begged for something to help, but they told me to be quiet or they have to restrain me. So I writhed in pain, shaking and scared, alone in my room. By their actions, they were saying, ‘Suffer, I don’t give a shit about you’ and ‘I know better then you and how you feel’.
    So I agree, if you can do wean off slowly.
    Thanks for this post and letting me vent.

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