Can’t It Be “Just Because”??!?!?

Won’t say to much about this but seeing an article called “Luis Suarez’s bite has many questioning his mental health” sends fiery rage through my body. Every time someone does something we do not approve of we have to immediately question their mental health status!

Sometimes people do things. They do things in the moment for whatever reason but it doesn’t mean we need to closely examine them looking for the “why’s”. JUST BECAUSE! Things happen!


I’m in no way making an opinion on Suarez’s mental health status and frankly, I don’t care. I’m making an opinion on how society (us) disapproval leads to the suspicion or diagnosis of a mental illness. This in turns perpetuates the stereotype that people with mental health issues do things we disapprove of and in some cases these things are violent.



14 thoughts on “Can’t It Be “Just Because”??!?!?

  1. It also just gets used for people getting off of murder charges. But like you say , sometimes people do things, their “normal” state of minds makes a random or planned actionactions and it has nothing to do with mental illness

  2. Reblogged this on Bipolar For Life and commented:
    I am SO on the same page. Stigma strikes again! Maybe the guy has a violent streak–does that mean he is mentally ill? Are character flaws classified as mental illness in the DSMV? I’ll have to look. But I doubt it. Some people are just jerks, but I don’t think you’ll find “jerk” in the DSM. Thanks for bringing up this REALLY IMPORTANT point!!!

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  4. Aaaahhhh! I agree with you on this one. Bad behavior! I also cannot stand it when people joke about someone being bipolar because they have bad behavior. Enough is enough! Luis Suarez is a spoiled, immature brat. That’s not a mental illness. It’s simply irresponsible and stupid behavior.

  5. I always love to read your posts. To label it as mental illness is to try to compartmentalize peoples experiences with their emotional disturbances that drive their behavior from their deep deep unconscious
    Until we are allowed to as, James Hillman says, express our pathology openly, we are alway’s going to want to label others problems as more severe than ours.

  6. Show me one who claims not to be insane – and I’ll show you one that is insane.

    The world is flat gentlemen –
    That’s not real music, Elvis
    You call that art, Picasso?
    If god wanted man to fly, he would have given him wings
    And it goes on –

    Insanity – take heart, for thou art the future norm

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