Mad Pride 2014


Mad Pride Week is upon us in Toronto!

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Mad Pride Toronto seeks to bring mentally ill into the mainstream

The July 7-14 pride celebration, which will mount events across the city, aims to destigmatize mental illness.

By: Daniel Baird Published on Tue Jul 01 2014

Mad Pride Toronto 2014, alluding as it does to Pride Toronto, is a celebration of the contributions to art, culture, and society of people labelled “mentally ill,” and a call for the end of stigma. It will take place between July 7 and 13. Like the use of the word “queer” in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities, the “mad” in Mad Pride is an irreverent reappropriation of a pejorative word.

The stigma attached to people with mental illnesses is similar to that associated with lesbian, gay, and transgender people, especially in the past: people with mental illness are queer, abnormal, strange, unfit to participate in ordinary society, unstable, unpredictable, and often dangerous.

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