30 Day Self Harm Awareness- Day 2

Day 2: What part of your body is most affected by it?

When I was in high school I went through a period of where my wrists were probably the most effected. Cutting in that particular spot made me feel better than cutting on other parts of my body. Now, at 25, I would have to say that my legs, upper thighs, are the most effected by self harm. There are many scars there still whereas other parts of my body, such as my arms, the scars have faded and in some cases disappeared. My legs began to be the most effected as an adult because I could/can easily hide them with pants. Where I self harm is strategic now instead of impulsive and wherever I want like when I was a teen.

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7 thoughts on “30 Day Self Harm Awareness- Day 2

  1. In high school I would use a curling iron on my outer wrists, pull my hair out by the roots and occasionally cut my outer thigh. When I was caught I was yelled at by my mother. I was not diagnosed with having bipolar until I was 40. Today my self harm is rare but it does happen. I talk to my husband when it does.

    • I always found it interesting that this behaviour makes people angry. I would be yelled at too by parents and friends (sometimes out of love and fear) but I really needed them to be calm and understanding.

      Thank you for sharing your experience and I’m glad self harm is rare for you and that you have your husband for support!

    • For me, I believe cutting my arms was about the visual. Being able to see the cuts was calming, almost as satisfying as if I had self harmed. But, arms are the most visible and once self harm is out of your life you either have to accept that you have visible scars or hide (which is a horrible option).

  2. I have been clean from cutting for about three weeks. I cut on the back oh my hands or on my stomach (no one looks there) but the idea of scars have gotten to me. I am african american and pretty dark but there are some scars that are still there and i have to get tattoos to cover them. atleast i think so.

    it’s hard to stop but it is worth it. we have more strength then we think we do.

    • Congratulations on being clean from cutting for 3 weeks! Thank you also for sharing your experience!

      For scars I have used Bio Oil which helps reduce the appearance and briefly considered special scar cover up tattoos (done specially to blend the scar but would cost $3500) and I think I will end up using beautiful tattoos like you have mentioned!

      It is worth it to stop, I agree with you. Thank you for commenting!

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