30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: What is the worst thing in regard to your mental illness(es)?

I believe the worst thing about Borderline Personality Disorder is people either knowing nothing about it or knowing everything 30 day challengeabout it in the wrong way.

While I love having the opportunity to explain BPD for myself, it does become exhausting because BPD is not something you can sum up in a few words. Being unfamiliar with it probably also makes it scary for the listener when I talk about having rage, impulse and perception problems. On the opposite side, the people who know everything in the wrong way, assume the worst about me and have no problem going out of their way to make sure I (and all those with BPD) know that I am the scum of the Earth.

So, to summarize. What is the worst thing in regard to my mental health issue?



2 thoughts on “30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge: Day 11

  1. I know I’ve said it before, though I don’t remember if I ever said it to you, but I honestly think if I had to pick one mental illness that was more stigmatized and discriminated against than any other, I would say BPD every time. All mental illnesses draw their share of misunderstanding, assumption, or hatred, but BPD seems to get it so disproportionately. Now I have been blogging and been involved more in the mental health community, I am constantly shocked and disgusted by the number of people — and many of them are mental health professionals, which to me is so much worse — who do seem to know “everything” about BPD and make the absolute ugliest assumptions.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant. 😉

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