Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep! (Guest Post)

Thank you to Ali Qadir for writing such a helpful piece on sleep. I myself have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep and I’m sure many of you will also benefit from the tips below!

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep! 

Sleeping disorders can be a real pain. Its only when you sleep better that you get to carry out the next day’s tasks well. Most of us underrate a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t get the importance it should have. Sleep habits can directly or indirectly affect our health, success and life itself in many different ways. It has always been considered a blessing if one can sleep well without any issues. To be able to have this blessing yourself also, we have some useful tips to help you out.

First of all, you need to make a proper sleep and wake schedule. Sleeping and waking up at different time everyday, taking unnecessarily long naps in the afternoons can disturb your body clock which puts your body under stress and it can cause serious health issues. It also leaves you more tired actually affecting the entire day. So set a time for sleeping and stick to it, also wake up around the same time everyday as well. If you somehow lose some time of sleeping by sleeping late at night then take a nap in the early noon time which shouldn’t be too long. Sleeping late can not be compensated by waking up late the next day. It can totally destroy your routine. Also, giving your body enough light in the day and keeping your room dark at night can also help you build up a sleeping schedule. Your brain can be conditioned this way to form a sleep pattern with these stimuli of bright day and dark night to trigger mind to relax and prepare for sleep. If you need to wake up and go to the bathroom at night, I would suggest using a torch instead of turning the lights on for that matter.

Many people like watching TV while in bed for sleep expecting it to relax them. Instead of relaxing, it keeps your brain more active by the visuals and the screen you watch. So, if you still need something you can listen to songs that are soothing and help you relax for real. It is important to have a mind free of stress and worries to be able to sleep better. Using cell phones, tablets, mp3 players or any device that uses a back light are also harmful for you. Deep breathing while lying down in your bed can help you get away from the world’s worries. If you still have a hard time shutting that side of your mind off, try imagining a peaceful place and you’ll feel as if you fell asleep in no time.

Along with these, what you eat can also affect your sleeping pattern. Try cutting short on your caffeine items like coffee and avoid smoking or alcohol at night. Drink less liquids at night so you wouldn’t be disturbed in your sleep repeatedly. Eat healthy food and avoid any sorts of heavy meals before you sleep, having dinner early is the best option and if you still have to eat something at night then eat a fruit like a banana. Along with these your room temperature can also disturb you while sleeping, a room too cold or too hot are both bad for your sleep. These things can interrupt in your sound sleep leaving you agitated the next day even when you fell asleep at proper time and easily.

Sleeping disorders can be a symptom of bigger body issues as well or even lead to bigger problems and disorders so it is important to go to the doctor if you still feel difficulty sleeping or fall asleep repeatedly anytime of the day, still feel fatigue, or snore excessively. Have a sound sleep!


Author Biography:

Ali Jan Qadir is passionate about art, food and fitness. He loves to shares things he has learned by experience. He is a contributor for a mattress blog, where he talks about things such as which is the  Top mattress Brand . If you want to learn more about him visit his twitter or Google+ profile.


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