30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Have you ever experienced stigma?

“Suicidal Cutter”

“Suicidal Slut”




“You just want attention”

“If you don’t stop cutting I’ll leave”30 day challenge


“I don’t like looking at your scars”

“Oh ya, I get sad/angry too.”

“Who would want to date you?”

“You should be locked up in a mental hospital”

“Sex with you must be insane!”

“Just be happy”

“There”s nothing wrong with your life”

“Why can’t you be angry like a normal person”

“Pain in the ass”

“You don’t have depression/BPD”

“You should be on medication”

“I can’t be friends with/date someone like you.”

“I would let children around you.”

“You’ll be a horrible mother”

“You’re the girl who cuts her wrists right?”

“You have a mental illness, you can’t be a social worker”

And those are just what I heard. It almost doesn’t compare to what might have been said behind my back or what I saw people do. Miming wrist cutting, the stares, whispers, the amount of people who just watched as I fell apart in front of their eyes.


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