You Don’t Have To Like What I Say, But Don’t Call Me Crazy

Last weekend I was called crazy.

It was meant as an insult and needless to say I am no longer speaking to this person (which is no loss because he was never a friend). I was called crazy because I expressed (possibly a little aggressively) that I thought his behaviour was embarrassing. The behaviour was triggering me and I said that arguing in public was embarrassing. The guy told me to “go cry about it” and then called me “crazy”. My response initially was to stop and hit him with my purse but B pushed me forward when I stopped and once I got my momentum back I didn’t stop walking away.

I was angry. I am still angry but not angry about being called crazy. I’m angry about why I was called crazy; because I said something he didn’t like.

This becomes especially interesting when I think about the behaviour of the guy who called me crazy. He is the type of person who says whatever he wants with no regard for the feelings of others. His behaviour is very arrogant and disrespectful. The phrase, “that’s just who he is,” is said often. His poor behaviour has been accepted and he’s never held accountable. To put it simply, he has no problem dishing it out but he can’t take it; hence why he had to resort to fairly childish means when I said something that offended him.

I recognize that maybe I should not have sounded to aggressive or spoke so loudly when I was telling B I found their arguing in public embarrassing but that shouldn’t make me “crazy”. I’m also not labeling this guy as “crazy”, just trying to critically analyze the decision he made.

B is not speaking with this friend for the time being. This has been a long time coming in their friendship and this incident was the final straw for him.

Does everyone have to like what I say? No. But it should not mean I’m “crazy”.


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