World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

“One World Connected”

That is this year’s theme of World Suicide Prevention Day 2014. Canada’s says,

“On September 10th, CASP and the MHCC invite all communities in Canada to find at least one way of connecting to WSPD. Your efforts will shine a light on this important issue, sending a message to those who are despairing, connection to those who are grieving and reminding us all that there is help, hope and people who care.”

I never stop connecting. Those of us who blog about mental health are always connecting. What has been the most exciting for me has been connecting with those of you from around the world. We have connected over shared experiences and a shared passion for change in mental health. Many of you have been amazing resources when I’ve wanted to know about certain psych drugs. You have been there for me during really dark times and also for the very exciting moments in my life. Thank you for always being there! ❤

From October 2013- May 2014 I would say that I was suicidal. What helped me was putting an end to the psych drugs I was on. Trying these drugs again at an older age confirmed that psych drugs are not something I should ever pursue again. During this time I had some very well meaning people try and support me but what ended up happening was I felt like they didn’t care or that I was too much for them (this last part is respectfully mostly likely true). They didn’t know what to say. This is when I would find myself sitting in the closet crying, alone, at a complete loss myself.

I would like to provide a list of helpful things to say to someone who you are concerned may be considering suicide. This list goes for everyone. Even though I have been suicidal and attempted to end my life doesn’t mean that I would know what to say to someone who is considering ending their life. The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention provides the following questions to consider when talking to someone. Of course, if you ever feel unsafe or not able to approach someone please call 911 or your local emergency responders!

Questions to Consider when you’re concerned:

(The responses to the following questions will enable you to reflect back your concern to the person and/or communicate to a trained professional.)

Are you thinking of suicide?

Have you tried to end your life before?

Have you been feeling left out or alone?

Have you been feeling like you’re a burden?

Do you feel isolated and or disconnected?

Are you experiencing the feeling of being trapped?

Has someone close to you recently died by suicide?

How are you thinking of ending your life?

Do you have the means to do this (firearms, drugs, ropes)?

Have you been drinking or taken any drugs or medications?

How have you been sleeping?

Are you feeling more anxious than usual?

Who can we contact that you feel safe and/or comfortable with?

For the helper:

Are you noticing or have you noticed any dramatic mood changes?

Changes in work behavior or school attendance/marks dropping?

Does the person seem to be out of touch with reality?


Never agree to keep thoughts of suicide a secret.

Treating this subject and the people involved with respect, dignity and compassion and don’t keep it to yourself.

Know who you can connect with as this work cannot be done alone. You may, as a helper, experience thoughts and feelings that are uncomfortable. It’s OK to reach out.

Talking about suicide can provide tremendous relief and being a listener is the best intervention anyone can give.

Talking about suicide will not cause suicide.

When experiencing intense emotions, the person will not be able to problem solve. It is not your job to fix their problems.

Listen, care, validate and be nonjudgmental.



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One thought on “World Suicide Prevention Day 2014

  1. Reblogged this on Art Therapy and Related Topics and commented:
    I am reblogging this great post for Suicide Prevention and Awareness Week and World Suicide Prevention Day by Pride In Madness. The post is both personal and more broadly takes on the topic of how to talk frankly about suicidal ideation and plans. Silence is not an option; people need to have language for talking about this serious and grave topic. Many mental illnesses/substance abuse issues and combinations of these biological diseases are deadly. The most common cause of suicide is some kind of mental illness combined with substance dependence issues that are not being addressed and treated…

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