BPD: Seems Like A Curse

bpd curse


6 thoughts on “BPD: Seems Like A Curse

  1. So true! After a decade and a half of trying to navigate the NHS mental health system and having diagnoses put upon me ranging from chronic depression, Bi-polar, Bi-polar 2, psychotic depression, earlier this year, with yet another psychiatrist putting his two pence in after only seeing me twice, I was labelled as having BPD alongside the bi-polar 2. Every explanation with why my symptoms fitted this revealed that those same symptoms could easily be diagnosed as any of the earlier diagnoses, it was purely because I was also labelled as treatment resistant due the countless medications not helping on a long-term basis. Some of my worst episodes have been when I’ve been on the most meds and many of my better ones were when I was on the least. If I had actually fitted what they believe to be the symptoms of BPD, I might have taken the time to look at that but it seemed to me that this was an end of the road diagnosis, given as an alternative to coming up with an answer why medications weren’t helping. It has also recently become a diagnosis that is fashionable and serving a purpose within the psychiatric community. In one way, I’m grateful for it because it took that for me to cut the final threads of trust I had in the mental health system and to begin embracing the things that I have seen actually do help my mental distress such as mindfullness, meditation, exercise, my diet, being creativity, reducing my meds and gaining an acceptance that I am the way I am and rather than constantly trying to fix that, I’m learning to accept it and in the process of not reaching for a pill to solve everything but looking to other more holistic methods, things have amazingly actually begun to improve a lot. Not to say it’s all roses but both my loved ones and I can see serious changes taking place on an ongoing basis. Maybe it took getting this diagnosis of BPD to actually take a good look at what the psychiatric system is built upon and who and how these diagnoses are constructed. This is of course only my experience and I have no judgement towards anyone else’ journey and experience with being given a diagnosis of BPD. Thanks for the post. Hope you’re having a good day šŸ™‚

  2. JTtC, Love what you said, “rather than constantly trying to fix that, Iā€™m learning to accept it”. Love that! That is where I too have been with my DID diagnosis. Loving ‘self’, accepting self, and moving on to explore who we are and what is good about us rather then constantly trying to change to please others is a freeing experience.

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