30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Where do you get your support?

I predominantly get my support from friends and family. I am a people person so I automatically want to go to people when I am upset about something.

Two other ways I get support at through blogging and reading books.

Blogging isn’t just about the writing but the connections you make with others online and the knowledge you get from reading others’ blogs! I have learned so much and been helped by so many since I started Pride in Madness a few years ago.

Books support me by providing a fun escape! How can I think about the troubles in my life when the characters in my book live in a zombie apocalypse?!



6 thoughts on “30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge: Day 20

  1. yer a hoot, thanks for the laugh. “characters in my book live in a zombie apocalypse?!”

    I am very much a loner. Another name for a scardy cat. Never had a bunch of friends cause people exhaust me and some (many in my life) people are just plain mean. But I do LIKE the friends I have a lot, just don’t see them much for fear they will run and hide if they know me too well.
    I need to have huge amounts of time to recharge my battery when around my friends. Not just them, but shopping or anything where I have to leave my home and be around people or noise. If I can get out of the house that is a major accomplishment. But leaving home and getting in the car is even bigger . . . then to go IN a STORE! OMG! Help me Universe!
    My therapist is really the only one I confide in weekly. With her help I stay almost a little sane.
    Most of the people I know, know very little about me. I have shared bits of things in my life and it seems to scare people off so I don’t share anymore.
    My BF is my dog, she lets us all talk and she listens attentively and occasionally talks back. Wish I could post her pic, imho (hehe) she’s about the cutest dog on the planet!

    Guess I am an introvert. “Quiet” will explain it better. an’t wait to read it.

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