Suicide is Not Just a Depression Problem

Inspired by the Huffington Post article, Suicide Awareness: Not Just a Depression Problem.

As the years go by I become more and more outraged at the disproportionate attention each mental disorder is given in the media. Given that the media (in this case I mean TV and newspapers/online news) is our main source of information we greatly rely on it to help shape our thoughts and views on the world. Each year brings with it it mass amounts of information on depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders with eating disorders making their break into the mainstream media greatly this past year. What about the other disorders? Each disorder brings with it’s own unique issues that require their own unique solutions. While many disorders experience the same discrimination there are still disorders that are tragically given their own “special” stereotypes. Each disorder also has it’s own statistics with some individuals fairing better than others with a different disorder. All mental disorder are serious, all need attention.

I read the above article and was curious to know about suicide and it’s relation to the other mental disorders. I do not have depression and believe me when I say that, that fact has not kept me safe from suicidal thoughts or actions. Oddly enough though, doctors seem to think that as soon as you are thinking about suicide or want to act on suicidal impulses that, that is an indicator of depression. I would strongly disagree. My experience with so-called BPD symptoms I know have been enough for me to want to end my life and I have had it confirmed by two psychiatrists that I do not have a mood disorder. Suicide is NOT just a depression problem. It is a poor mental health problem!


  • 50 times higher risk of attempting suicide then the general population
  • Suicide is the number 1 cause of premature death in this group
  • 10%-13% of individuals living with schizophrenia will successfully end their lives
  • 40% will attempt at least once
  • Depression and psychosis can be a leading cause in individuals with schizophrenia ending or attempting to end their lives


Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Has a history of suicide more than other psychiatric patients


Borderline Personality Disorder

  • 70% of individuals with BPD will attempt suicide at least once
  • 8%-10% of individuals with BPD will complete suicide, higher than any other psychiatric group
  • Suicide rate is more than 50% that of the general population
  • The intense emotions, impulsivity and chronic nature of BPD may be the underlying cause of high suicide attempts and completions


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • 5%-25% of individuals with OCD have attempted suicide at least some point in their life
  • Suicidal ideation may also be apart of OCD obsessive thinking
  • The severity of OCD symptoms, substance use, and isolation are some factors that can heavily influence suicide attempts and completions



These are just a few of this disorders I know some of my followers experience that are not spoken about enough! Clearly more research needs to be done on Dissociative Identity Disorder!

Suicide is a real problem for many individuals with poor mental health. We all need to take responsibility for our own learning and educate ourselves because the media picks and chooses what it tells us but this is real life, we don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing. It could cost someone their life.



26 thoughts on “Suicide is Not Just a Depression Problem

  1. Nice post. Yeah people with OCD probably are the most with suicidal THOUGHTS, but, because they are so fearful will be highly unlikely to complete it. If it’s mixed with something else like bipolar it can be dangerous. I’m like a bunch of different things all mixed into one. I’ve been suicidal which made doctor’s laugh out of some intellectual curiosity about what happens after you die. They all seem to laugh along with half the people I tell about me trying to behead myself with train wheels. It was very depressing at the time. Yeah schizos and bpd are the most dangerous to themselves. I don’t know much about bpd but from my conversations with schizos about their hallucinations it can be like living in a literal hell where your brain knows all your weaknesses and makes hallucinations to attack them and torture you until you are desensitized though that really never happens. I try to tell them they aren’t real but they can’t believe it. Apparently ocders just clean shit all day when in reality that’s not the only form of ocd. There are pretty much limitless themes of it. Anyways….. Good post.

    • It’s complex, especially since each person is going to have a different reason for why.

      I know for myself it’s been thinking that I’m worthless and being tired of feeling everything so strongly. Even that downplays how horrible it all feels.

      I’m sorry doctor’s laughed at you. Helping professionals should know better and I hate when they abuse their power and their patients.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • They get egotistical working that job. Maybe more so since it’s such a facade of a science. You can’t know about someone through a quick conversation. Yeah yeah no problem.

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  3. Ya done it again! Great article! It really helped me see it through their eyes.
    The only thing this article didn’t talk about is HOW a person gets D.I.D. Simple~~~SEVERE childhood Abuse. In the old days, child abuse was never looked at unless it was visible to the eye (bruises and broken bones) and then they still took their time. One of my cousins had her nose broken 14 times before she and one sister were taken out of the home (not all the kids).
    Teachers are the ones who need to know about this and be able to see it to alert others. I can bet you I knew at least 5 kids in grade school who were like me/us. We label so many young with ADD, my first label was. Wonder how many of them have bad homes? How many of them have DID or something else. I believe if they can stop child abuse, they can stop DID.
    i’m going to bed. thanks for your penning so many wonderful blogs!

    • I’ve been thinking of doing a post or a few posts on the disorders that don’t get a lot of attention like DID.

      I agree that Teachers need better education on child development. Where I live they’ve added an extra year to teacher’s college which gives future teachers the time and space to learn about child development.

      Thanks, as always, for your awesome comments!

      • Thank you for that. I know in Seattle WA., in a few days, there will be a convention strictly related to DID. It is the 4th year i heard. I have never gone but have heard it is full of information. I know you are not in the states, but depending on what part of Canada you are in, Seattle is close to the border! I used to have lots of family there.

        Good to hear that there is more time focused on child development for teachers. This world is in a lot of hurt for things that could be preventable or better treated w/o medications. I am horrified at hearing little kids say, “Oh it’s time to take my meds”. Totally freaks me out. Our little experimental bunnies. Would they be taking them if they knew the dangers? And what are the long term dangers . . .? And yet, the only natural med out here that has helped so many is still federally illegal. Gotta keep the pharm running! Gotta feed the sheep!
        Sorry, I’m a bit cranky today. No offence to anyone who is taking their meds and they help them. My experience has been not too nice.

  4. I know all to well that doctors think suicide = depression, reality for me not once when I have tried have I been depressed. When I am depressed, I sleep and just ignore the world. My suicidal thoughts come from stress generally, the biggest one being when I perceive myself being abandoned or hated, but i can say I have never tried to end my life because of depression which is the hardest thing for doctors to understand it seems.

    I swear if I was smart enough, I’d go to medical school and become a psychiatrist just so I could help those with Borderline and other less known mental health issues that seem to also have the least amount of options available.

    • I would have you as my psychiatrist!

      The only time I have really obsessive and intrusive suicidal thoughts which makes me likely to attempt is when I’m on psych drugs and am severely depressed. I chemically have lost control of myself.

      Other times I think I would be more along the longs of what you’re saying. The thoughts pop up when I am overwhelmed but at times like those they serve as a sign that I need to fix something. I don’t act on it.

      Regardless, I would say that treating depression in someone experiencing BPD, schizophrenia, OCD, DID, eating disorders etc. needs to be different then treating the depression experienced by someone with depression (no matter how much mental health professionals don’t want to treat it differently). They all carry different experiences.

    • you are right on justin! when depressed we are much too weak to do anything, it is when we get stronger that we are more dangerous to ourselves. don’t know how old you are, but i would hope that you’d follow your dream of being a mental health doctor, we need more people with mi to become docs.
      I am much too old now to pursue a dream that huge, but i really hope I can get well enough to go back to college before I die. I love learning!
      if you can write a sentence, you can go to college. You just have to do the homework and they will pass you. I went to college and not everyone was a grade A student, but they were getting more knowledge. THAT is what learning is all about! 🙂

      • I am too old to be a doctor, well I suppose I could but I’d be in my early 50’s by the time I was graduated and done, so I am working towards getting into psychiatric nursing instead, its a 4 year program, so more doable.

        Psychiatric nurses here are a distinct specialty so the training is completely different then an RN which many regions use, so I think this system works better since psychiatric nurses are trained specifically in mental health issues and medications and such vs general nursing who’s focus is on medical side of things.

      • oh i like that you are doing the psych nurse program, you sound like a good person for that. i have had some really nice psy. nurses when in the H. some told me they also had spent time in the ward, that made me feel like there was hope! good for you young man!
        i have a b-i-l who went to get his 3rd masters degree to be a ARNP at age 58 and he LOVES his job!!! We are never too old! I also had a 80 yr old lady in my college class that audited just to be a better person. I think that is so awesome! I am excited for you Justin! 🙂

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