Books on Mental Health

I read a lot. Last year I read about 70 books and this year my goal is 50 with 48 books read so far. While I read a lot of fiction I also read a lot of books about mental health or that discuss mental health that have been very helpful. I love learning and if I want to be able to make change in our society I need to know everything I can! Here are some of the books I’ve been reading divided into two categories: Critical and mainstream. I will also include books on mental health that I want to read.

Critical: Books that look at mental health in a different way and challenge our current system.

Mainstream: Books that speak from a medical model perspective that we’re all familiar with.


The Book of Woe by Gary Greenberg

Manufacturing Depression by Gary Greenberg

Let Them Eat Prozac by Dr. David Healy

Mad Matters: A Critical Reader for Canadian Mad Studies ( I have personal ties to this amazing book!)

Talking Back to Psychiatry by Linda J Morrison

Behind the Rhetoric: Mental Health Recovery in Ontario by Jennifer Poole (I work with this woman!)

The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

Call Me Crazy: Stories from the Mad Movement by Irit Shimrat

Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey


Sad, Mad and Bad: Women and the Mind Doctors from 1800’s by  Lisa Appignanesi

Psychiatric Tales by Darryl Cunningham

Marbles by Ellen Forney

There Are Reasons Noah Packed No Clothes by Robert Jacoby

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

Cut by Patricia McCormick

Leave of Absence by Tanya Peterson

The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Dosed by Kaitlin Bell Barnett

Want to read

Psychiatric Power by Michel Foucault (C)

Madness: The Invention of an Idea by Michel Foucault (C)

History of Madness by Michel Foucault (C)

Saving Normal by Allen Frances (C)

Crazy Like Us by Ethan Watters (C)

Medical Muses by Asti Hustvedt (M)

Borderline Personality Disorder  by Jacqueline Simon Gunn and Brent Potter (C)

Personality Disorders in Modern Life by Theodore Millon (M)

Acid Test by Tom Shroder (C)

Cracked by James Davies (C)

The Psychosis Diaries by Sarafin  (C)

Mad in America by Robert Whitaker (M/C)

Remembrance of Patients Past by Geoffrey Reaume (C)

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre (C)

Women and Madness by Phyllis Chesler (C)

Stigma by Erving Goffman

Bodies Under Siege by Armando Favazze (M)

I Don’t Want To Talk About It by Terrence Real (M)

A Fragile Revolution by Barbara Everett (C)

Is It Me or My Meds by David Karp (M/C)

Psychiatric Drugs Explained by Dr. David Healy (C)

Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry by Dr. Peter Breggin (C)

Talking Back to Prozac by Dr. Peter Breggin (C)

Pharmageddon by Dr. David Healy (C)

Toxic Psychiatry by Dr. Peter Breggin (C)

The Protest Psychosis by Jonathan Metzl (C)


There are thousands of books on the topic of mental health. Personally, I’m more drawn to critical mental health but I know it’s a journey to get there and break away from the way everyone would rather you be thinking. It is still always good to know what you are up against so you can argue properly. It’s always good to know!

Happy Reading!







18 thoughts on “Books on Mental Health

  1. Thanks for the list as well as recommended ones from all the other peeps out here! thank you all!
    i just got finished writing them all down so i can research and purchase!

    there is a igdid conference this weekend so i am going try and to swing by there hopefully and pick up some books on trauma and dissociation. i’m gonna write some titles of all the books down for later checking out, if you are interested in the books i find, i can share that list with you too!

  2. ya know the book (s) i want? i want a book that make me split a rib laughing and can make me cry uncontrollably. anyone out here know of a book (s) like that? thanks!

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