Ableist Language

Ableist language and ableism is one of the last “isms” we really need to tackle in society. Many of us who experience the disability even use these words. I know I have successfully cut out most ableist language from my vocabulary, still some words are not as obvious. For example, I never would think that stupid was ableist but it is linked to intelligence and there individuals with intellectual and/or learning disabilities were stupid would be used to describe them.

I would like to challenge all of you to pick at least one word and try to eliminate it from your vocabulary. Can you challenge others to do the same?

ableist lang


3 thoughts on “Ableist Language

  1. I think this is truly bad and awful to be honest. It’s thoughts that matter, not politically correct language. The most hurtful things that were said to me were politically correct in form.

    Let’s not “dismantle” our ability to speak our minds. Correct usage of words should matter before politically correct.

    • For me it’s always been about context. Like you mentioned, politically correct language can still be used to hurt and in some cases politically correct language doesn’t include the preferred terms of a part of the specific group. Language has also evolved over time to include multiple meanings that are represented in the dictionary. Many groups also reclaim language such as Queer and Mad which are not seen (or weren’t always) as politically correct. I think what gets people is politically correct is supposed to mean correct usage.

  2. omg yes! i am guilty of internally calling myself many of these names, but i’d never do it to others. in fact i cringe when i hear others describe using these words mostly because i was called many as a child. thank you for this. i will be happy to spread the word!

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