Which is the Dangerous Drug?

I found this picture on Facebook and it exactly sums up how I feel about North American’s society’s obsession with quickly jumping to psychiatric drugs while at the same time having a war on others. It comes down to legal versus illegal but from my experience legality doesn’t mean safe or effective (alcohol and tobacco are another example).



12 thoughts on “Which is the Dangerous Drug?

  1. So Canadians are not obsesses about psych drugs? Interesting! Hope you all never get like it is here, it is totally freaky to hear little kids saying things like “whoops. I feel sick”, or “I have a headache because I forgot to take my meds this morning” or “mom’s gonna be mad that I forgot to take it”. Now maybe some kids need help with some of the drugs, I really can’t say; I don’t see their family dynamics, but I betcha if most of those families were taught how to communicate, eat right, exercise . . ., maaaybe the household would see some positive changes. Just popping a pill as if all is well is another definition for what people say we are!

    I could not agree with you more. I will never take psych drugs again (unless forced). Herbs yes, have no issues with gods garden, but no mad-man made pharm drugs, big bad issues them.

    Great comic too! Wish I had a printer! Speaks volumes.

    • Oh no, Canadians are obsessed with psych drugs. It seems like you’ll either never needs these drugs or you’ll always need these drugs. Also, majority of psych drug prescriptions are written by family doctors, not psychiatrists. Since I work with children and youth I hear parents and teachers often bring up the possibility of their child needing psych drugs. A few have been on the drugs or parents at least wrote on their medical form that they have “anxiety” or are a “sensitive” child. Canadians also like giving anti-psychotics to everyone, especially if you have trouble sleeping.

      • What are the consequences of all these children on drugs at such a young age? What will happen to their liver, reproductive organs, kidneys, their minds!? And what might be the long term affects? It is very concerning to say the least.

      • A book called “Dosed” sort of looks at those questions, although it’s more so around identity formation which to me operates off of the assumption that these drugs won’t have negative long term consequences on the developing body/mind (which is why I stopped reading the book). We’re just finding out now what’s going to happen because these kids are growing up.

        I don’t even want to know what my early psychiatric drug, alcohol and drug use did to my mind/body.

      • The 30 somethings are going to find out. I know I think that negative things will happen, but would it not be awesome if we found a cure? For say, the common cold, or links to other things? I suppose i don’t mind being a g-pig after all! Goody! Hope I can watch from the heavens and see good things out of all this.

        OMG, I think I’m thinking positively! IS it possible?

        Sorry, yes, I was being sarcastic (smile)

        I have been trying so hard to see things in a different light, to be curious, to help me feel better about living, but I think to the cells of my soul, I am a pessimist and their ain’t no changin’ this ol’ gal!

  2. I’d say pot is likely safer then the antidepressant I am currently on. I have tried to come off a few times now, but I have been on it so long that once I drop down to around 75mg no matter how long I have taken to come down, I have bad things happen, so I just stay on it to avoid those things, most notably is my heart rate becomes very irregular and high when I get down to the lower dose.

    I am starting to understand pretty well why addicts have to continue their addiction because if they don’t bad things happen. I honestly feel like I am addicted to this medication and the only difference is its legal, a doctor writes a prescription and the government pays for it.

    Funny how medical services will pay for medications galore, but wont cover actual treatments shown to work because it costs too much….

    I can’t link it to psych drugs, and I am not in danger yet, but my liver is slowly showing signs of not functioning correctly, doctors have ruled out diseases typical of liver issues, and I don’t drink, but I have been on psych drugs for 10+ years as an adult, and several years as a child, so would not surprise me if these drugs have had an effect on the liver, after all it’s the liver that has to deal with filter the absorbed drug out of the body. (for my med its metabolized in the liver.)

  3. Many years ago, a friend said this…..
    …….If its good for you, it is good. My Dad said this- Every body is different.
    So I think the major problem is rigidity. But our culture is one that rigidly ghettoizes people. So the profit motivation is the deciding factor as to the pigeonhole each profile gets shoved into.
    I look around this neighborhood and I see all the new condos and home renos and I know there probably aren’t any accessible units in these new buildings.
    Online I can, if I had money, order a pre-fab house with a bomb shelter, a fall out shelter and a pre-painted white picket fence.( I hear weapons and other recipes for disaster are also available) but I can’t get a prefab house or a ready to move in home with a ground floor laundry and mudroom to accommodate dogs cats and children.
    And I can’t get one with ground floor handicap accessibility to accommodate all of life’s possibilities. So don’t grow old. Never break a leg. Never experience loss especially of gainful employment or income. And if you can’t work they don’t want you.
    Mom is a work horse keeping the house and accessories. Dad is the donkey that cuts the grass and endlessly repairs the house and vehicle. So we accept this too. We are slaves to these houses, this ” better way of life”. Cause that’s all that’s out therefor us.
    Meds have revolutionized mental health patients care. So they say, but you say pot- tay-to and I say pot- a- to,
    and I say to you- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Finding the right medicine for you or for me can be a long search. And Psych drugs can have debilitating permanent side effects. Thank you for getting the news of choices and not just alternatives, but freely made informed choices. “We have such small victories” and as my grandmother said “Every little drop helps said the old lady as she peed in the ocean!”. thank you. freedom of choice is precious. Especially when its your body chemistry, your creature comforts and the fizz in your cola.

  4. Yeah the double standard is senseless like much of America’s public policy. You can be sure if Glaxo Smithe Kline or whoever manufactured “marijuana” that it would be legalized and prescribed at a comparable rate!!

      • You may already know this but they do actually have a drug called Marinol; it is a lab made THC (part of the pot plant) given to cancer patients. My husband took it but because it is all THC, all he did was get high, there was no pain relief. However, CBD is also a part of the weed and is the pain killing part. THC without CBD only makes you high. that is what the kids like, but for medicinal purposes, the CBD is far more important then the THC. CBD is also what they are now giving to children to stop seizures. Not sure who will try to get in on this, but they will be pretty hard pressed to sell it through Glaxo Smith Cline (or whomever) when the weed is so easily grown.
        Also, CBD never makes you high. Unless you OD, but even if you did OD on the CBD part of pot, I’m pretty sure all you would do is fall asleep for a while. I don’t know, but I have never heard of anyone smoking too much and dying from it. Now eating it may pose different issues. Pot helps sooo many people who have anxiety issues, PTSD, etc. It is an amazing plant and SHOULD be legal, but the government officials have demonized it for too long and people are brainwashed into thinking it is the drug created by Satin! Pot is a healing drug and THAT is why I think big pharm does not want it legal; too many lives would be saved on RSO. High blood pressure would be cured, PTSD would be calmed, cancer would cured and more.
        I have read monster size articles on marijuana and I am convinced the drug companies can’t make a dime off it. Not only that, they’d lose S**T loads of money because everyone would go off all their other drugs. I know MANY who already have.

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