A Great Feeling

I have been sick with something for the past two days and there is no better feeling then when that sickness really starts to go away and you can get up and do some normal things again! 🙂

My appetite is still low, my head is still killing and my stomach is still upset and gets random pains but it’s so much better! I knew I had a serious sick problem when I bought McDonalds and couldn’t it! Couldn’t eat anything really. But it’s getting better which is good because I have two events this week, one of the being tomorrow but luckily in the evening!


6 thoughts on “A Great Feeling

    • I started watching a movie called Antiviral, about people who pay to become sick with viruses taken from their favourite celebrities and I had to stop watching it. How can people pay to be sick when I want nothing more then to feel healthy again! 😛

  1. Sorry you were ill and glad you are feeling better. Keep resting and drinking lots of yummy stuff.

    Totally off subject; may I recommend a movie? “Knife over fork” (or fork over knife); I just saw it last night with a friend. You made me think of it when you said you were planning to eat from MikkyD’s. It came close to converting me, but not yet. Meat taste good!. It was a really well done moving except it didn’t address iron deficiency in the vegan diet, but i may look into it more. iron can be pill form easily. Have you seen it? It’s an old movie.

    I’d love to hear your’s and anyone’s thoughts on diet and mental health. For now, I am going to make a vegan soup and give this the old college try! That movie is something I wish I’d seen at your age. I may have taken better care of myself (maybe!).

    • I haven’t seen that particular movie but I’ve seen Super Size me and it never once made me seriously consider not eating McDonalds 😛 Moderation is key. I really don’t eat as bad as everyone thinks I do. It’s my activity level that is appalling!

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