9 thoughts on “Stigma and Social Identity

  1. Wow, I think I’d spend more time in the dictionary if I read this book! My vocabulary is lacking for sure! 🙂 Most of this is over my head I’m embarrassed to say.

    • I find myself reading sentences a couple times 😛 I was thinking I probably should have “translated” lol I gave up on reading Michel Foucault awhile back despite everything he says being genius. Took me 5 minutes to understand one sentence of his writing. I couldn’t fathom reading a whole lecture of his.

      • sure wish i could ask him his intended audience, it is not the general public for sure.
        not sure of your educational system there in Canada, but our educational system in the US is pretty bad imo. many of us slip through the cracks. on average i’d say there is a large amount of people reading and understanding a 4th grade level; if seeing what is on the television is any indication of our intelligence it might even be even lower. but that is yet another subject. i prefer your synopsis of the book, thank you!

      • Our’s is decent, although over the last few years our numeracy rates have been very low.

        Have you seen the documentary “Waiting for Superman”? It’s in book form as well by the same name. It’s about how the American Education system is failing children and families. It’s very good and very sad. It’s from 2010. i’m pretty sure you can download it.

        Here’s the trailer.

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