DIY Christmas

This year I am doing a Do-It-Yourself Christmas. Majority of my gifts will be made by yours truly. Not only is this fun for me and more meaningful for others, it is also helping me save money (I’m unemployed). I believe my most expensive gift has cost about $12 in materials but that’s pretty good given one DIY gift to my knowledge is completely free because the materials are found/borrowed.

Here are some of the gifts I plan on making!

Wine bottle, tape, and spray!

Watercolor Mug DIY - this is incredible! What a great holiday gift idea.


mason jar



13 thoughts on “DIY Christmas

  1. How fun!!!
    I think there are so many retails shops that sell the same crap, that making gifts will make them so much more meaningful.

  2. You are very crafty and creative and have inspired me! Are you following any instructions or just doing it yourself? I’d love to have some instructions posted. Hand made gifts are the best treasures. I make a lot of flower pen center piece arrangements and bookmarks but I’m ready to try something new 🙂

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  4. awesome! you are really talented! love the coasters! did you buy the squares or did you get them out of a scrabble game? hope you post instructions! they all look beautiful or fun or both!

    • I got them out of an old scrabble game my parents had (mine originally). I don’t have enough letters in one game to make 4 coasters but I plan on using a sharper to write the letters I need on the back of other squares. You can probably find something similar in terms of lettered squares at a craft store.

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