DIY Christmas: Decorative Wine Bottles

I have had a request for instructions for the DIY Christmas gifts I’m making this year. What is good about these gifts s they are also not Christmas/Holiday specific so they can work for gifts at any time and also never forget to make yourself a gift because you deserve it!

So, let’s do this!

Wine bottle, tape, and spray!

Decorative Wine Bottles


  • Wine bottles (as many as you like, I plan on doing 2 or 3 per person)
  • Painters tape
  • Spray paint (in the colour of your choice)


  • Clean the bottles very well. Having dirty bottles could leave unpainted spots or cause the spray paint to not stick. Make sure the labels have been removed from the bottle (here’s a link for how to do it easily: Easiest Least Messy Way to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles)
  • Lay painters tape in desired design over the bottle’s surface (painter’s tape is best because it comes off easy). Remember, where the tape is placed will remain the colour of the bottle so put tape everywhere you do not want paint.
  • Follow directions on spray paint can for application. Spray the paint onto the bottle.
  • Let dry.
  • Once the bottle is dry you can remove the painter’s tape and reveal your design!

Note: It appears that you do not need a specific type of glass only spray paint. Keep in mind though that glass is a smooth surface so the paint will chip easily or over time. These are bottles are for decoration only. You can of course do touch ups if chips occur.

I’ll post another DIY gift with instructions tomorrow!




4 thoughts on “DIY Christmas: Decorative Wine Bottles

  1. i wonder if a small amount of sanding would help the paint not chip. i have painted many things wood and all the smooth surfaces have to be lightly sanded first. but I do not know if glass can be sanded, do you?
    these are some really fun ideas you have posted. how did you get the spots round with the tape? guess i need more instructions. i don’t do that many crafts although it would be fun if i had a bunch of others to do it with.

    i especially like this craft post because it shows that even though we have a mental illness, we still have lives outside or intermingled with the mi.

    • My Dad suggested sanding.

      For the circles (I’m probably not doing them), you could cut individual strips of tape different lengths a curve the tops and sides to create a circle. But that’s a lot of effort!

      I was thinking the same thing, that my blog is filled with mental health and human rights stuff but there is the odd fun and “regular” thing in there! Being crafty and creative is very stress reliving and in this case, giving to others makes you feel good too!

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