DIY Christmas: Scrabble Coasters

Have a game of Scrabble you don’t play with anymore?

Scrabble Coasters


  • Scrabble letters
  • Hot glue
  • Polyurethane Spray
  • Cork Board
  • Thin tip permanent marker (optional)
  • X acto knife


  • Arrange letters into meaningful 4 letter words (if you do not have all the letters you need consider flipping over the square and use a permanent marker to write the letter, this is what I’m doing).
  • Lay out your cork board and begin hot gluing the letter squares on, making 4 rows.
  • If you’ve used permanent marker let dry for 24 hours to ensure it sticks.
  • Using the X acto knife cut the coasters out keeping as much or as little of the cork board as you desire.
  • Spray the coasters with polyurethane to finish. (I am going to do this with Mod Poge because it’s what I have)
  • Let dry.




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