Political Sentimeter (Survey)

The Toronto Star created a cool little survey, called the Political Sentimeter, that classifies your political views and then shows you where you compare to the rest of Torontonians (people from my city, Toronto). I suggest checking it out!

Here is  bit of my result!


SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC LEFT (along with 25% of Torontonians)

The Social Democratic Left hold consistently progressive views and almost invariably identify as Left. They embrace diversity, are strong advocates for social and economic equality, and see themselves as putting the common good ahead of their individual interests.

The Social Democratic Left think globally and act locally. They feel a connection to the world community but also believe in the importance of local communities. They believe that action at the local level can have an impact and are generally supportive of grassroots initiatives. They are motivated more by collective gains than individual ones.

The Social Democratic Left attribute disparities between people to structural factors as opposed to individual agency. They believe that the hardships people face are the result of a system that harbors inequality and that privilege plays at least as much of a role as merit in determining success.

The Social Democratic Left see government as being best placed to address issues of inequality and favour government intervention over market-based approaches to bolstering social welfare. They are generally supportive of measures that would see wealth redistributed from the rich to the poor.

The Social Democratic Left are mainstream progressives in the sense that they believe that a just society can be achieved within the framework of the existing system. They believe that, if government is sufficiently empowered, it can redress persistent societal inequalities.




4 thoughts on “Political Sentimeter (Survey)

    • The downtown core at least! Toronto is a fairly progressive city but the majority with the influence (or those that vote) are kinda to the right which is why we got Rob Ford and now John Tory for mayor.

  1. Even though I’m not Canadian, I took it for fun. It seems to work pretty good even though I’m American:

    Anti-establishment Left

    The Anti-establishment Left takes progressive views for the most part and is the most radical of any group. They generally believe that the current system is unable to address the most pressing social, economic and environmental issues of our time without undergoing a substantial transformation.
    – See more at: http://sentimeter.thestar.com/#/results/431c349b-b381-45a3-b0a5-73b93843e572

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