Psychiatric Service Dog

I’m thinking of getting a psychiatric service dog. I’m just research for now, speaking with a friend who has one but it’s kind of a scary process. Do any of you have a psychiatric service dog and willing to share your experience?


23 thoughts on “Psychiatric Service Dog

  1. I don’t, but Laura over at Bipolar For Life does and she adores her. I’m sure she’d be happy to tell you all about little Noga and how she helps her tremendously — in addition to being cute and snuggly.

    Best of luck to you, and please keep us updated if you do. πŸ™‚

  2. I’d be curious about a mental health service dog in you neck of the woods. The laws in the US are strict and the dogs cost waaaay too much! Good luck! Hope you can get one.

  3. I looked into a psychiatric service dog as well, but i found very little information on one that relates to BC, even mental health had no idea…I am not even sure if they officially exist in BC to be honest, I know emotional support animals do, but they are not protected under the law like a service animal is.

    Its so very confusing.

  4. I don’t have a service dog perhaps mostly because they are very expensive here. There is a great deal of training involved for firstly the dog but then you and then dog. I’m interested in your thought of training the dog yourself. I wonder how successful that would be because it would be full on with a great deal of training for you both. It would be interesting to see a post about what you’re looking for in your idea to get a service dog. Just an idea.

    • I would be interested in private training. My thoughts are more so turning to maybe an emotional support animal. It doesn’t have the same rights as a service dog but I believe can be trained to do the things I would need. I was just thinking of what to write about next so you asked a good question! Thanks!

      • Just curious, if you don’t want to answer, don’t; I do not wish to intrude in your privet affairs.
        Q: Out in public, how can a service dog help a person with MI? The reason I ask is because in the U.S. the dog has to be able to do something for you that you are not able to do for yourself. It is discriminatory imo. If they cannot see it, it is not existent. It’s total BS.
        Hoping the laws are not as stringent there as they are here. Looking forward to all your updates on this subject.

      • The following are things psychiatric service dogs could be trained for: Tactile stimulation to disrupt emotional overload, Get partner out of an upsetting situation, Bring medications and drink, Call 911 on rescue phone, Increase safety in public, Provide a reality check and more ( I mostly wanted one for the emotional aspect which is why I’m beginning to think it might just be nice to train an emotional support animal. A friend of mine has also trained her psych service dog to respond to her nightmares that are related to PTSD, so I believe her dog wakes her up and then provides emotional support with kisses and cuddles πŸ™‚ My friend keeps a note on her at all times from her doctor so people cannot deny her access unless the area is not allowed for ANY service animal.

      • Wow, that is so cool that a dog could do all those things! My dog runs to her cave (kennel) when I am having nightmares or PTS responses. Can always tell when I had a bad night from her reaction. Wish I knew how to train her for something like that! She can do many things, but she is fearful when I lose touch with the present. I hope you can get a dog if it would help.
        Just having a dog is enough for me. No special training but she does help. She sits with me all day and loves me when I get home. As she gets older she is so much more relaxed too. Her being relaxed tells me we are safe.

      • I’m sure you could do some research about how to train a dog to response positively to symptoms. As with any dog training you need to put the time in. I would be thinking of getting a puppy or a young dog so it would just be incorporated into it’s regular training.

        I’m glad your dog gives you support πŸ™‚

      • Having a (my) dog is like having a 3 yr old child in many ways πŸ™‚
        I am done training. I did a bunch the first couple years, but now it is just maintenance. I don’t think I have enough desire to do more consistent training, but it is really great that there are people who train dogs to help others. I guess I don’t need it bad enough. Smile So far, the PTS symptoms are mainly at bed time. As long as no one touches me unexpectedly I am OK.

        OK off to Shower Land! May this day bring you over the top peacefulness, fun, and joy all at the same time!

  5. I have a psychiatric service dog … I trained her myself. Most positive thing I’ve ever done for myself. My blog has just gotten started so I haven’t talked about it yet … but I most definitely will. I would love to be a resource for you in your own exploration of the subject.

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