The Power of Neurodiversity by Thomas Armstrong

Just got it from the library! (Dee, I think you’ll like this!)

The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain

Stop looking at what we call “symptoms” and start looking at what your “disorder” has to offer!


6 thoughts on “The Power of Neurodiversity by Thomas Armstrong

    • No, it looks at mood disorders, anxiety and schizophrenia (also ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and dyslexia). The over all principles still apply. The author works in education so he writes about it from a teaching perspective a bit and based off of the disorders he has seen in those children. The concept of Neurodiversity is also still really new and has only recently been applied to mental health. I’m really enjoying it!

  1. Sweet! Thank you for the extra plug! Heading to the book store again today, will see if I can grab this one for my holiday gift to self. Thank you so very much! Can’t wait!

    Could I ask a question here? Need opinions. Is it appropriate to give a holiday gift to a therapist? She gave us one once. I know we are not friends, but she has been such a great support.

    • From my experience, gift policies are usually that they can be accepted if the gift is of low value (ie: a coffee mug) but I have received gifts from the kids I work with with a value of over $10 dollars in gift card form. Food items are always good, cards as well, homemade gifts. So, basically, I think it is appropriate and if you are concerned and want to know the details your therapist most likely knows the policy around it for her organization or private practice.

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