#WhyWeShouldInclude – Why Shared Decision-Making Matters

Why haven’t you engaged?

Stuck on Social Work

I recently Re-blogged a story or a collection of tweets that contained the hashtag #WhyWeDontEngage. Charlotte Walker is mental health advocate who noted that mental health clients often are accused of “not engaging”.  If you follow me hope you got a chance to read them. If you did not, I implore you to read these. The first tweet set off the firestorm of tweets..

some of my other favorites were..

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2 thoughts on “#WhyWeShouldInclude – Why Shared Decision-Making Matters

  1. “because support is not forthcoming until crisis point then it is enforced” So can relate to this! I looked all over for help but no one seemed to be able to. When I reached a breaking point, only then did anyone help and it was not much. My family has mostly deserted me. That’s OK though cuz I now have a support system. Eff most of my family. That’s how I feel about it. I have no use for any of them now. Baa HUMBUG! 😛

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