It’s My Experience, Not My Opinion

In the world of mental health, I believe I have one of the top most invalidated experiences aside from the age-old  classic “There is nothing wrong with you.” It is the experience of failing psych drugs and successful personal work. I know I have blogged about my invalidated experience before but it keeps popping up, as it did this morning. I know I need to use my “Wise” mind to acknowledge that people most likely do not mean to cause me harm when they provide…what can I call this unwanted information?… extra tidbits?….sure….that people most likely do not mean to cause me harm when they provide extra tidbits of information to my experience but my immediate reaction that I believe the most says that they are.

“Thats great you have the support. There are those who are not as fortunate as others . Medication should be used along side other therapies, it is not suggested to take meds alone…there are many different paths to recovery (last part a summary)”

That was the first part of today’s response to a comment I made on Facebook about how psych drugs never worked for me but learning emotional skills and finding supportive relationships did. I provided what I hope is a fairly polite response but the jist of it is, “I’m well aware of that.” It’s like my comment had to be legally covered with something because if people found out that psych drugs don’t always work then people will go off their drugs and there will be CHAOS!!!!!!! Well, maybe some of them should go off their drugs.

My path to recovery is not seen as an option because it contradicts the core of psychiatry that poor mental health experiences are biological and need to be altered by drugs. My experience shows that these drugs can be very ineffective and potentially fatal. My experience shows that the mind can heal itself.

I have no problem understanding that some people need/want to take psych drugs to feel the way they want to feel,  but so many cannot understand that by not taking these drugs I feel the way I want to feel. Yes, I feel anger, anxiety, fear, sadness and pain but I’m also best able to tap into my passion, my happiness and great amounts of love. Can others ever understand that it wasn’t psych drugs that changed my mind, it was changing how I viewed my mind. As soon as I began to accept Madness and neurodiversity into my life (probably the same way others accept Jesus) I was able to make great progress because I accepted myself and made the changes that I wanted, not the changes I was told I should want.

This isn’t my opinion, this is my experience.



20 thoughts on “It’s My Experience, Not My Opinion

  1. I know you focused on psych drugs in this post, but what stood out to me are the two images you chose. For me, therapy has not worked because the whole point of it is that they want me to change, which is inherently invalidating and just makes things worse. Instead of saying we’re sick and need to change, I think therapy, in many cases, ought to focus on something else (though I have no idea what). Thank you for this post!

    • I also found that most therapy was based on how I was supposed to change. Some of the reading I have done about how psychiatry needs to change suggests that therapy should focus on collaboration with the service user movement, connectedness and relationship building between client and therapist, and foster empowerment, and building a positive identity. I have been fortunate that the social workers I’ve had (and I purposely pick social workers) have focused on what I wanted. I think that “something else” is determined by you. But yes, the overall message is that traditional treatments are not for everyone.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. I think meds alone do not work well. I think meds are part of a bigger picture. And for some meds arent part of that picture. And thats ok. I dont particularly like medication. I’m not a huge fan. I take the bare minimum. XX

  3. What an incredible post! And I love many of the other’s comments as well!

    I have been going to T, thinking I am supposed to be different, to some how change; the T never tried to change me though. After reading your post, it dawned on me, that I was the one putting myself into that category. Wow! You turned on a dim light! Hope it’s on a dimmer switch as to turn it up.

    I went for T because my life was not working. I wasn’t able to function in life. With T, I tried meds, but they nearly killed me, and now I am terrified to take anything new.

    When I told the doc my symptoms, he said a couple times, “that is not a side effect”. Well, DOC! it was for ME!

    I now have a ARNP who is in agreement with me to go as natural amap.

    Hmm, so allowing myself to be, “strange”. So I can talk to my buddies in my head, aloud, and don’t be ashamed. It’s who I/we am/are! Not sure I can go there, We have been a, “secret” for so long, to most.

    It would be fun to just let myself be as I am.

    OK so that was a fun, wishful, thought.

    Be well ya all!

    • It’s better to have a dimmer switch then a straight up regular light switch. Even if the dimmer is on low it at least as the potential to be turned up!

      We still need to shape the world to fit us. I have shaped myself enough to try and fit into it, now the world needs to do a little bit for us!

      • Amen sister! I like how you think! I often tend to be a “black and white” thinker, so the dimmer switch is a helpful way to imagine it. 🙂

        You rock!

      • 🙂 me too. It is hard to remember sometimes.

        My roomy and I were just chatting. Now I am so furious.

        Self regulations, dimmer switches, anger . . .

        She has this amazing way of seeing how messed up I am, and never hesitates to tell me. I feel so worthless, empty, unlikable. May I underline, UNLIKABLE? I am irritating and ridiculous. I can see it in her expressions.

        Is it me, or is it how she is treating me, that is the trigger? Is this mental illness, or is it a reasonable to be hurt? Am I over thinking? WHY can’t I get this regulated?

        This brings on thoughts of, “I’m not worth it”. “Life is not worth it”.

        I can’t find my “wise mind” when I am like this.

        Today is starting out poorly. This is not good.

      • I think it depends on how she’s bringing it up. There is a nice way to tell someone they are “messed up” and what is she hoping to achieve by telling you this? If there is no offer of support then it sounds as if she just wants to be mean. You are allowed to feel upset and it be genuine. Regardless of “cause” (“real” or mental illness) you are upset and that needs to be taken care of (that’s what I always told my my ex).

      • I never know sometimes about life, and why others have to be mean. I have to really pull myself out of a deep hole when she is like this, but this time I sat and talked to her. She was very respective and even teared up. She has this amazing ability to be really nice or really hurtful. I guess she is human. Like all of us. She described me as her sister and sometimes she is “meaner to her sister then anyone”. I get that. I told her, “it puts me in a, self hatred, suicidal mode. If I think I have done something wrong, It is black and white, do or die. I never want to hurt anyone! . . .” she stopped and looked in horror.

        We talked for a couple hours, I hope it sticks with her. I know she wants to do good, it is just hard for her at times. We talked about how vulnerable we all are, even none-diagnosed people.

        It was a good talk.

        Thanks for your support.

      • I know I am most mean to the people I love. It’s because I feel safe with them. It’s weird how caring for someone can mean they hurt you. I’m glad you spoke with her. She may need some support also in figuring out how to go about all of this. You are right, we are all vulnerable, we all make mistakes and we can all help each other!


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