Dressing My Thoughts

Kevin at Voices of Glass came up with an interesting idea, dressing your thoughts. Yes, dressing your thought in an outfit in the hopes that giving it an identity can help you identify its origin and take it “captive”. I’m also wondering, if by dressing your thought, if you or others can gain a visual on what the thought feels like. Regardless of what we think (see What Not To Where for people who don’t understand this) our clothing sends a message to others. Our clothing speaks to our confidence level, what we hope to achieve and what type of person we may be.

So, let’s try this exercise.


I am not worthy of love. I dressed this thought in a long black coat. This thought comes from a place of darkness, it comes from being rejected and literally and figuratively receding into the background. The long black coat, with a large hood represents the desire to hide to prevent future let downs. The feeling swallows you as this coat does and covers you completely.


Dress Thought 2


I am a passionate person. This thought comes from a place of strong desire to change my life and help make social change. The dress is strong, bold and fun which is how I would describe my passion. The colours, black and red, also hint that my passion is rooted in my anger which is what motivates to be an activist. It is a dress that would stand out in a crowd which is what I try to do when I am presenting, catch people’s interest so I can share my message.

Now it’s your turn 🙂 


The photo of the coat is from http://www.thedarkangel.com/

The photo of the dress is from Betsey Johnson


6 thoughts on “Dressing My Thoughts

  1. Thought: I am an angry person.

    I am dressed in porcupine skin. This speaks for itself. Having the spikes/quills all over, keeps people from touching me or getting too close.

  2. i love the black coat with the fur and the hood. It would never make me think I am not worth love. In fact I made a black long cape when I was in my early 20’s for rainy days and i thought I looked exotic and great

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